An Overview of Workers’ Compensation Law in Orlando Florida

An Overview of Workers’ Compensation Law in Orlando Florida

If you are stepping in the job market for the first time in Orlando Florida, then it is advisable for you to gain insights on workers’ compensation law. The workers’ compensation program in Orlando is operated by the State of Florida.

Under Florida State law, almost every employer is liable to carry workers’ compensation insurance. The workers’ compensation insurance handles payments for medical care in case the employee gets injured on the job. In addition to medical care coverage, it also covers lost wages until the injured worker recovers from the injury and returns to work.

The History of Orlando Florida’s Workers Compensation

The workers’ compensation program was originally adopted by State of Florida in the year 1935. It is designed to avoid costly lawsuits between employers and injured workers. Since the adoption of the workers’ compensation program in Florida, the State has been working to make the program beneficial for both workers and employers. In fact, according to today’s new workers’ compensation system any company that has more than 4 employees is required to obtain workers compensation insurance. All workers are covered under the worker’s compensation program in Orlando Florida except for the independent contractors or temporary employees.

Employees should be assured that in the event of a workplace injury, they would receive financial assistance to get them through the recovery process.  And on the other hand, by offering timely medical and financial aid to the injured employee, the company is safe from getting sued which can damage its market reputation.

Requirement for Worker’s Compensation Insurance

To obtain worker’s compensation insurance, the injury to the worker must take place in the course of employment. In other words, if the worker is involved in a job-related errand outside the workplace at some other location, any injury that results from that activity is covered. This includes activities like company events, business trips and transportation of company goods to name a few.

This means to be eligible for the workers’ compensation claim, the job activities being performed matter more than the location. It is important to note if a worker is on a lunch break and is injured, that worker may not be covered by the worker’s compensation program.

What Types of Injuries Does Orlando Florida’s Worker’s Compensation Cover?

Injuries covered under the worker’s compensation program in Orlando Florida include:

Employees in Orlando Florida suffering from any of the injuries (mentioned above) at work can expect to have all necessary medical care covered at 100% of cost by their employers. However, the issue for the coverage provided may start to get more complicated as the recovery process continues especially after the injury is healed and the patient still requires additional medical care for certain kinds of therapy. The insurance company may refuse to cover such medical expenses.

This is where a worker’s compensation attorney can help! A professional workers’ compensation attorney has the skills and expertise to protect your rights and ensure you receive the coverage you are entitled for.