Orlando Truck Accident Attorneys

Orlando Truck Accident Attorneys

The Orlando truck accident attorneys at Vaughan Law Group are not only AV rated by Martindale Hubble they have been representing injured parties in trucking accidents for over 35 years.The AV rating means that these lawyers are recognized by fellow lawyers as being not only the most competent attorneys in their chosen field but also the most ethical. Listed below are general items of information concerning the area of truck accidents. The viewer in order to obtain a more specific indication of the credentials of the Orlando semi tractor trailer accident attorneys at Vaughan Law Group should view this website. There are specific cases discussed, both past and present. The viewer can review the credentials of the attorneys at Vaughan Law Group as well as note some of the more recent successes of the firm. The truck accident lawyers at Vaughan Law Group will conduct client interviews at no charge to the potential client to assist in determining whether representation may be beneficial.

Commercial vehicles are involved in many traffic accidents each year. The Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways (CRASH) has estimated that 430,000 commercial vehicles were involved in accidents in the United States in 2001. In these accidents, over 5,000 people died and an additional 130,000 suffered injury. Many of these injuries were a result of careless driver conduct. Additionally, a large number were attributable to a system-wide failure of trucking companies to implement safety management controls necessary for the safe operation of the commercial vehicles. Many of the following actions and/or inactions have lead to semi tractor- trailer vehicle accidents;

  • Failure to investigate a drivers background.
  • Hiring and using incompetent, unskilled, unqualified or disqualified drivers.
  • Overlooking drivers employment or driving record.
  • Using a driver that does not have a commercial vehicle drivers license.
  • Inadequate training of drivers.
  • Improper supervision of drivers.
  • Ineffective monitoring of drivers speeding.
  • Inappropriate review of drivers “driving time” behind the wheel.
  • Allowing drivers to drive without proper rest.
  • Failure to properly maintain the commercial vehicle.
  • Failure to properly equip the commercial vehicle.
  • Overloading of the commercial vehicle/truck.
  • Improperly distributing the cargo weight.
  • Improperly securing the cargo.
  • Parking the truck in a travel lane.
  • Failure to display flares when the truck is stopped or disabled.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Providing the driver with radar detection.
  • Unsatisfactory safety rating

Truck accidents should be handled differently than the average automobile accident. Initially, an investigation should be undertaken immediately in order to secure evidence. The proper investigation of a commercial vehicle (semi tractor-trailer) wreck is more complex then what is required in the typical automobile accident case. Commercial carriers and their insurance companies have highly trained investigators that arrive at the wreck scene within hours of the accident. Evidence may be altered or even destroyed. Prompt, thorough investigation is needed to protect that evidence. Accident reconstructionists that are specially trained need to document the wreck scene in its post-accident condition. A commercial vehicle mechanic needs to inspect the trailer, tractor, and all components in their post accident condition. An experienced accident scene investigator needs to be quickly deployed to document the scene, vehicles and other physical evidence.

Additionally, the laws that apply to a commercial vehicle (semi tractor-trailer) case are different from those that apply to an automobile accident case. Generally, there are three sets of laws and regulations that can apply in a commercial vehicle case; 1) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR); 2) State regulations governing the operating vehicles and 3) state laws regulating the operation of any vehicle.

Since laws and regulations governing the safe driving of a commercial vehicle create duties and requirements necessary to establish fault, it is extremely important to identify which of these laws or regulations apply to your case. The Orlando truck accident attorneys at Vaughan Law Group have the knowledge and experience to assist in navigating the complexities of these various laws.

Vaughan Law Group’s Orlando truck accident lawyers assist clients throughout the process of filing a Semi Tractor-Trailer Accident or wrongful death lawsuit in these critical, life-changing accidents. Permanent and severe injuries, including paralysis and brain injury, are frequent results in collisions with big rigs.

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Orlando Truck Accident FAQ’s

How does Vaughan Law Group charge fees for a truck accident claim?

Attorneys fees for Florida and Orlando Truck Accident claims are governed by the Florida Bar. Generally speaking, attorneys representing truck accident clients are limited to 33 1/3 % of a gross recovery before a lawsuit is filed and 40% of gross recovery after a lawsuit has been filed.

How does Vaughan Law Group handle the costs necessary for a successful result in a truck accident claim?

Vaughan Law Group advances all cost on behalf of its clients and will not recover them from the client unless the case is won at trial or settled. The client only reimburses Vaughan Law Group if that client prevails and receives a monetary award or settlement.

What costs would Vaughan Law Group typically advance for a truck accident claim?

In most injury cases, costs will vary from hundreds of dollars to tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. These costs are for various needs to include, but not limited to, medical and lay depositions, expert review and testimony, subpoenas, medical records, travel, etc

How long will my truck accident claim last?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing the specific type of case and the specific facts of your case. However, a general rule-of-thumb would be within 3-9 months for cases that don’t have to be put into suit and 12-24 months for cases that are filed on.

Do I have to go to trial a truck accident claim?

Again, the specifics of each case will help decide whether a trial would be advantageous to you. However, you will never HAVE to go to trial; that will be up to you. In most cases, court ordered mediation allows the parties to get together and resolve the case prior to any trials.