Be Aware of Scammers Causing Florida Car Accidents

Be Aware of Scammers Causing Florida Car Accidents

Traffic accidents are a part of life for drivers. The United States has a high rate of traffic accidents that range from mild to catastrophic. While many times accidents are exactly as the name states, a coincidence of bad luck, other times they are not.  Sometimes accidents are planned because individuals who cause them want to either attempt to get your information and potentially steal your identity or use the fraudulent incident to file a fake personal injury claim to obtain a paycheck.

Scammers are a real consideration for drivers because they are becoming more of a concern on the roads. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, scammers that stage accidents and are successful cost the insurance industry $20 billion every year. As insurance companies absorb these costs,  they respond by raising premiums. Not to mention the potential risk of severe bodily harm to targetted victims that comes with fake Florida car accidents.

How to Handle a Potential Scam Accident in Florida

Be Aware of Scammers Causing Florida Car AccidentsFirst, to aid your fight against the potential that you are hit by a person wanting to stage an accident, arm your car with a dashcam. Overall, you can find dash cams at a fairly reasonable price and if you have one on your car, you may be able to have video footage of what happened. This can include negligent and direct acts towards you that show intent to cause your crash by the other party.

Outside of equipping your car with technical gear, the other actions you can take include being extra cautious while on the road and following the rules of the road. You can make sure you are always keeping enough space between you and other cars. Never take the chance of turning or going through a yellow light, when the light shows caution, slow down and wait until your turn at the next green light.  The other thing to do if you suspect that your Orlando car accident was suspicious is to ensure that you don’t leave the scene without calling the police. The police can do an inspection of the accident and talk with you and the other driver to make a report. If you also take pictures yourself of the environment and the damages, this can add more detail, on top of a police report as to how the accident really happened.

If you aren’t thinking that the other party in your accident intentionally caused it, then there are still precautions to take to protect yourself. While you should exchange information with the other party, you don’t have to overshare. You should only be allowing a police officer to see your private information like your address,  your phone number, and your driver’s license number. To the other party, you can provide:

  • You can give your name and take the other party’s name.
  • Information about your vehicle like make, model, and VIN.
  • The number of your license plate.
  • The name of the other party’s insurance provider, their phone number, and the policy number.

If the other party insists you allow them to take a photo of your driver’s license because it would be “easier,” do not fall for that. For the most part, do not let anyone but a police officer have access o your drivers’ license.

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