Benefits of Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney in Orlando, FL

Benefits of Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney in Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL – If you have ever been injured at work, and have never hired a workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando, FL, then you are missing out on your benefits. Accidents at work happen frequently and the more serious your case is, the more important it is that you hire an attorney.

The reason for hiring an Orlando workers comp attorney is simple: they can recover compensation that will include your medical bills and lost wages for the time that you were not able to report at work. Workers who are injured at work are eligible for a number of benefits according to the workers’ compensation law, which includes medical benefits, vocational rehabilitation benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, and others.

If you are one of those still wondering about the benefits of hiring a workers’ compensation attorney, here are some benefits that an attorney can provide when faced with such a situation:

Be Represented In a Fair Manner and Receive Your Rights

When you hire an attorney to fight your case, they will defend your position in the right manner and they have the experience to do so. Your attorney will also make sure that you are treated fairly during the whole process and do receive the compensation benefits that you are entitled to receive if you were injured on the job.

Avail Yourself of the Knowledge of an Orlando Attorney

If you approach an Orlando attorney sooner rather than later, they can also help you opt for the right doctor, represent you at the Workers Compensation Appeals Board and negotiate with the insurance company. Suppose that you do not wish to hire an attorney, you will not be in as strong a position to represent and negotiate for yourself, as your attorney will.

It is also not recommended that you represent yourself unless you have years of Florida workers compensation experience and the relevant knowledge regarding the rules and procedures. An experienced Orlando attorney has both and will be well aware if your case goes to trial, after first trying to get your settlement before going to trial.

Avoid Going through the Process Alone

By hiring an Orlando workers’ compensation attorney, you will also save yourself the hassle and trouble of going through things yourself. They charge a fee but these attorneys charge something equivalent to 15% of your settlement which is not a big cost compared to making errors yourself or hiring a personal injury attorney who may charge almost 50% of the final settlement.

Be Represented By an Experienced and Professional Authority

Another benefit of hiring an Orlando workers’ compensation attorney is that they will take care of all of the paperwork for you and you will also not have to deal with the workers compensation insurance company by yourself. Suffering through an injury is bad enough and it will be worse going through the ordeal of trying to get the benefits yourself. In case you become unable to return to work as a result of your injury, your attorney will also make sure you receive the relevant benefits such as temporary disability from workers compensation insurance company or state disability payments.

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