Call an Attorney When Your Florida Workers’ Comp Claim was Denied

Call an Attorney When Your Florida Workers’ Comp Claim was Denied

Sustaining injuries while on the job could mean that you need significant medical treatment and time away from work. Due to the high cost of medical treatment, not being able to work and earn a living is going to compound your already difficult situation and make it substantially more challenging. Almost all businesses in Florida have to have workers’ compensation insurance for these specific incidents when an employee sustains an injury while at work. However, if you ever knew someone who was injured and tried to obtain the compensation you undoubtedly learned how difficult the insurance companies make the process so that they do not have to pay a victim the costs of their damages.

This is why it is best to work with a Florida workers’ compensation attorney if you suffered some type of damage while performing the responsibilities of your job. The law doesn’t require you to use a legal professional, but by not doing so you may take a settlement much lower than you deserve or have your claim denied. Additionally, the time that it takes you to work through the Florida workers’ compensation system could make it much longer for you to get the money you need.

What Happens if your Florida Workers’ Comp Claim is Denied?

Call an Attorney When Your Florida Workers' Comp Claim was DeniedYou are probably feeling distressed if your legitimate claim is denied, and rightfully so. Despite your employer’s obligation to you to ensure you are safe while at work and taken care of if you are injured, that still doesn’t mean that the road to obtaining compensation is going to be easy. There are several cases where for one reason or the other, a person injured on the job has their workers’ compensation claim denied in Florida. If you are reading this because this happened to you, then call the Orlando workers’ compensation attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group to learn about what you can do to get those benefits you are entitled to and that you need.

The Orlando workers’ compensation lawyers at the Vaughan Law Group will examine your case and inform you of your rights. The Vaughan Law Group will best position you to get the full amount of benefits from your claim. Some of the ways that your claim could be denied, even when your accident and injuries are genuine, include:

  • If you did not report your incident 30 days after you were injured can put you in a position where you will be denied benefits.
  • The insurance company will argue that the injuries you sustained were not work-related.
  • You were drunk or had drugs in your system when your injury accident took place.
  • The information you give your doctor about your accident differs from the story you tell your employer bringing up questions about the legitimacy of the situation and if it actually happened while on the job.
  • Noone saw your injury accident happen which can cause an employer to question if you really were hurt while at work.
  • Your employer disputes your Florida workers’ compensation claim.

Speak with a Florida Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

The Orlando workers’ compensation attorneys understand the frustration and devastation that victims of Florida workplace accidents feel when they are denied Florida workers’ compensation benefits. The aggressive Orlando personal injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group have the resources and experience you need to fight for your benefits. Call the Vaughan Law Grup today to schedule a free consultation at (407) 648-1426.