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Personal Injury

How Much More Deadly are Motorcycle Crashes than Car Crashes in Florida

How Much More Deadly are Motorcycle Crashes than Car Accidents in Florida?

Riding a motorcycle can be a fun and exciting way to get from one place to the next or it can be just a leisurely activity. For motorcycle riders and their passengers, there are many dangers that exist which can cause crashes to take place and devastating injuries and death to result. Motorcycles, just by their size and design do not offer much protection so when impact does happen, the potential for serious damages is high. Negligence while riding a [...]

Identifying Symptoms of Neurological Injuries

Identifying the Symptoms of Neurological Injuries

Neurological injuries can have serious long-term negative effects on a person’s health. Classifying head trauma as a neurological injury can mean brain trauma, spinal cord damage, skull fractures, broken bones in the spine, and destruction of the peripheral nerves. There are several ways that a person can suffer a neurological injury such as after a car accident, from a sporting event, or from exposure to toxins.  For victims that suffered a neurological injury after an accident caused by a negligent [...]

How to Handle A Florida School Bus Accident

What to do After a Florida School Bus Accident

During the 2020-2021 school year there were some schools in Florida that were open to in-person classes five days per week and other schools that closed down. By the time the 2021-2022 school year began, every school had its doors opened to children for in-person weekly school lessons. As school children got back into the classroom, the need for more school busses increased. Sending kids off to school who live too far and have to travel by way of the [...]

How Much are Personal Injury Claims for TBIs Worth

How Much are Personal Injury Claims for TBIs Worth?

One of the first questions a victim of an injury accident asks their lawyer is how much they can get from their injury claim. This is understandable considering the amount of distress that a person may have had to endure from their injury incident. When it comes to accidents that result in traumatic brain injuries, there can be a wide range of harm sustained. Minor head trauma where only temporary vision issues occur is going to look much different [...]

Who is Responsible for a Defective Truck Part Causing a Crash

Who is Responsible for a Defective Truck Part Causing a Crash?

Many people do not like driving near large trucks. Large trucks block visibility, they can be slow going uphill, they take up a great deal of space, and they can cause massive destruction should they cause an accident.   The trucking industry is a necessary part of keeping stores shelves full of various items and goods, and without them, the country would have a difficult time running properly. Large commercial trucks are responsible for transporting most of our goods across the [...]

Regions of the Spine Most Vulnerable to Injury

Which Regions of the Spine Are Most Vulnerable to Injury?

Trauma to the spine can happen in many situations like traffic accidents, sporting events, fall incidents, or other damaging episodes. The spine is divided into five sections. While any of these sections can be harmed after an injury accident, certain parts of the spine tend to be more prone to harm. If you live in the Orlando, FL area and you were injured by a negligent party, the Orlando personal injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group can review your [...]

Does Orlando Have Many Uninsured Drivers

Does Orlando Have Many Uninsured Drivers?

Car accidents are shocking incidents that can make victims feel disoriented and distressed. When property damages and injuries result, the financial implications of these incidents can be incredibly high. Paying for those costs can make a victim feel overwhelmed and unsure about what to do.  Victims who suffered damages after a car accident should connect with a local personal injury attorney to learn about how to obtain compensation for their losses. Orange County, Florida is a busy place with plenty [...]

Will Your Semi-Trailer Truck Accident Go to Trial

Will Your Tractor-Trailer Truck Accident Go to Trial?

When a crash happens that involves a semi-tractor trailer truck, often it is with another vehicle that is much smaller in stature. The devastation, in this situation, mostly hits the smaller vehicle. The weight, size, and momentum that a tractor-trailer truck has are immense, and smaller passenger vehicles are no match.  Here in Orlando, there is a lot of activity on the roads in terms of car and foot traffic. There are also very busy highway systems that run all [...]

Types and Levels of Brain Injuries from Florida Injury Accidents

The Different Types and Levels of Brain Injuries that Stem from Sudden Accidents

A brain injury isn’t just a term that describes one type of physical bodily harm with a specific severity. In fact, there is more than one type of brain injury and the severity of damages to the brain can vary. The symptoms and treatment program that a victim is put on is based on the specific injury that the brain sustained. Brain injuries can happen in a variety of situations. Car and motorcycle accidents are leading causes of brain injuries. [...]

Can Florida Tourists File an Injury Claim for Compensation

Can Florida Tourists File an Injury Claim for Compensation?

Florida is an inviting state for many to come and explore. The beaches are some of the most beautiful anywhere in the world. The vast number of lakes and exciting attractions put Florida just second behind California as the most visited state. There were over 130 million people that came to the sunshine state in 2019.  If you visit Florida, it is likely that you will need transportation at some point. You may opt for a rideshare service or a [...]