Choosing Your Florida Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Choosing Your Florida Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Individuals in the state of Florida who are injured while on the job can file a Florida workers’ compensation claim for financial assistance with their medical expenses and potentially, some of their missed wages if the injuries keep them from working. If you are unsure about how the process works or if you are not a practiced and skilled negotiator, then it is in your best interest to work with a professional so that you can get the most out of your claim. The Florida workers’ compensation attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group can help you negotiate your Orlando worker’s compensation settlement or assist you if you are appealing a denial of benefits. Additionally, your Orlando workers’ compensation attorney at the Vaughan Law Group can advise you on what your options are for obtaining compensation so you can choose what will work best for you before you sign off on anything.

How Can You Get Money from Your Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Choosing Your Florida Workers' Compensation Settlement

Choosing Your Florida Workers’ Compensation Settlement

There are three ways that you can get the money from your Orlando workers’ compensation claim. These are:

  1. Full and Final Release agreements mean that you will obtain compensation and then you will be responsible for paying for any future medical costs that you may incur. You also agree that after your compensation is paid that you will not be entitled to any further wage reimbursement payments by the insurance company.
  2. Partial Release of Liability is an agreement that typically does not happen often. However, when they do take place a worker will be paid for some benefits and not others. If a person is severely injured where their damage is long-term and permanent they may require extensive medical treatment. So, this agreement could work where the wage reimbursement benefits are surrendered so that all of the medical care will be paid for.
  3. Lump-sum agreements pay a victim of a workplace injury accident in Florida a one-time payment for their wages and medical expenses. An injured employee can choose to have this one-time payment or they may be able to have it split up and disbursed in installments over time.

There are pros and cons to each settlement type and determining which is right for your specific needs and damages is crucial to ensure you get the most beneficial agreement. There is no specific way that Florida workers’ compensation settlement amounts are determined. The insurance provider will examine everything about the type of injuries and the severity of the injuries sustained by a worker to calculate their number. Your Florida workers’ compensation lawyer assesses the settlement amount to make sure that you are not short-changed and you get the full amount of benefits you need and are entitled to.

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You must obtain all of the workers’ compensation benefits you can get when you are injured on the job. The Florida workers’ compensation lawyers at the Vaughan Law Group are committed to helping injured workers be justly compensated for the harm they endured. To schedule your free consultation with one of the Florida personal injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group, please call (407) 648-1426.