Common Myths Regarding Workers’ Compensation Claims in Orlando

Common Myths Regarding Workers’ Compensation Claims in Orlando

The number of misconceptions increases as workers’ compensation laws become more complicated. Explained below are the ten most common myths regarding workers compensation claims in Orlando.

Myth 1: Workers’ Compensation Does Not Cover Previous Injuries

If you get injured at work and end up making your previous injury worse, your previous injuries will also be held accountable and you can claim compensation for all your injuries, not just the current ones.

Myth 2: The Pay Rate Remains the Same as Regular Payroll in Injury

When you are not working at your office, you only receive a 70% of your average salary up to a legal limit, and not your regular rate of pay during the time period of your injury.

Myth 3: You Can Only Claim if You Were Injured At Your Job Site

Even if you were injured away from the job site and were working for the company, you can claim your worker’s compensation. Especially in the cases when you are traveling, handling a call, working on a construction site, or at oil field to finalize a contract.

Myth 4: Your Employer Will Not Be Responsible For a Doctor

Your employer has the right to select the doctor who provides care for your work-related injury or illness. Most of the employers provide a doctor to treat work-related illness or injuries.

Myth 5: Long Term Ailments Do Not Count in the Work-Related Injuries

Certain jobs like mining, drilling and factory labor work can expose the employees to certain long-term and severe diseases like hearing loss, asthma, asbestosis, lung disease or even cancers. If the disease has any kind of involvement associated with the office place, it is completely compensable.

Myth 6: No Insurance by Employer, No Compensation.

It is actually the fault of the employer as according to the laws of Florida, all employers are required to have a legal insurance for the workers’ compensation if they own more than four employees. If your employer does not have compensation insurance, you can still receive your benefits from the uninsured employers’ fund.

Myth 7: Your Employment Cannot Be Terminated Due To Your Injury

If your injury is less severe, your work will be compensated and you can get back to work after you recover. If however, your injuries are more severe, disabling you from working in the same scenario again, your employer has the right to replace you. In addition, he is also allowed to keep another employee in your place and not keep you back when you return from your injury back to work.

Please however be aware that all workers’ compensation laws are different in each state. In order to get the most reliable information about your rights, consult a workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando.