Damages Families Can Receive after a Wrongful Death Claim in Florida

Damages Families Can Receive after a Wrongful Death Claim in Florida

The most tragic outcome that can result from an accident is death. When negligence is the reason for a deadly accident a life gets taken far too soon and unnecessarily. In response, the loved ones of a deceased person are left dealing with a painful reality and sometimes a very costly one too. 

If a wrongful death situation happens in Florida the Florida Wrongful Death Act comes into play. The FWDA allows loved ones to sue for financial compensation on behalf of a deceased individual. Those that are allowed to file such a suit include:

  • Parents.
  • Children.
  • Spouse.
  • Other dependant relatives.

If you lost a loved one in the Orlando area and you want to learn more about your right to file a wrongful death claim, call the Orlando wrongful death attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group. The Vaughan Law Group has more than three decades of handling personal injury and wrongful death cases in Florida.  The Orlando injury attorneys can answer your questions and help you with your claim.

Who Can Recover a Wrongful Death Settlement in Florida?

Damages Families Can Receive after a Wrongful Death in FloridaThe following family members have the right to recover financial compensation when they lose a loved one in a wrongful death accident in Florida:

  • Parents who lose a child that is a minor can recover:
    • Medical and funeral costs.
    • Mental pain.
    • Lost support.
    • Lost services.

It can be challenging determining how much a claim for a minor child is worth because typically, a child is not a financial contributor to a family. Figuring out the financial losses that come with a deceased minor child, one must look at how old the child was, their health, what activities they did, how long they were expected to live, and how much they would have earned in their life. In addition, the child’s ability to financially support their parents will also be estimated. Also, because the pain of losing a child is so substantial, putting a value on this is another hefty task.

  • Parents who lose an adult child when other qualified survivors do not exist have the same ability to recover the costs they would have if the child was a minor. The one exception is when medical malpractice is the reason for the loss, emotional suffering and pain are not recoverable.
  • Adult children that lose a parent can pursue the following damages:
    • Lost support.
    • Final expenses.
    • Lost parental mentorship and companionship.
    • Lost instruction.
    • Mental pain and suffering.
  • Minor children who lose a parent can pursue the same damages as an adult child. The amount assessed when it comes to young children can be much more than adult children because of the higher dependence on parents and the parents being more heavily involved in day-to-day life.
  • Spouses may recover:
    • Lost support.
    • Lost services.
    • Funeral and final expenses.
    • Mental pain.
    • Loss of companionship.
    • Loss of protection.

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It is incredibly difficult to lose a loved one in a shocking way. While a settlement from a wrongful death claim cannot take away the pain, it may be necessary to recoup the financial losses that come with a death. 

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