Distracted Driving is Deadly Driving for Teens

Distracted Driving is Deadly Driving for Teens

It may come as no surprise that teen drivers are very prone to being in car accidents when they are driving. Findings by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows that there are many risky behaviors which teens will engage in while they are driving that put them and others on the road at serious risk for injury or death in an accident. In 2018 in the state of Florida, 30 young drivers aged 15-17 lost their lives on the road. That same year 252 endured incapacitating injuries from Florida car accidents.

AAA also found that while driving after consuming alcohol and speeding played a part in Florida teen car accidents, distracted driving was a leading cause. Florida car accidents can be devastating to the parties involved. If you were injured or if you lost a loved one in a Florida car accident, seeking the assistance of a Florida personal injury attorney is the best way to recoup the most compensation possible after your accident experience.

How Many Teens Drive While Distracted?

Distracted driving is a serious issue across the country and it is not just teens that engage in it, adults do too. No matter who it is, if a driver allows themselves to be distracted while operating their motor vehicle, they are putting themselves and anyone near them in tremendous danger. For teens though, distractions plus inexperience have proven to be a deadly combination. Motor vehicle accidents that are fatal are the leading cause of death in teens 12-19 years of age according to the findings of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

AAA’s study showed that more than half of all the teen participants involved admitted to reading emails or texts while driving and 40% would actively send these electronic forms of communication while driving. In 2015, of all the crashes that involved teens, 58% were a result of a driver using an electronic device of some kind. Florida car accidents take place every day. Accidents from drivers using their cell phones while driving should not happen and do not have to happen. If you have been hit by a distracted driver and injured, the Orlando car accident attorneys at Vaughan Law Group can help you with your Florida personal injury claim.

It is not only important to speak with your child often about the dangers of using their phones while driving, but it is also important not to do it yourself. Setting a clear example that it is not acceptable to use a phone while driving becomes a more powerful message when parents follow their own advice. Any driver who keeps the cell phone out of reach while driving and chooses to keep their focus and attention on the road and their environment is going to be substantially more safe on the roads.

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