Do You Need a Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Orlando?

Do You Need a Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Orlando?

Accidents are common at the workplace, and that’s why you need robust workers’ insurance. However, getting compensation after an injury is often complicated, owing to the complex legal process. An experienced workers’ comp lawyer will help you file your claim.

The Vaughan Law Group is a reputable personal injury and workers’ compensation law firm. For over 30 years, we’ve helped clients in Florida and across the United States successfully file for their compensation.

Here’s how we can help you in your workers’ claim process after an accident.

We Can Estimate Your Claim

Most injured workers don’t understand the value of their claim after an accident. As a result, some insurance companies take advantage of their lack of knowledge and award an undervalued claim. Besides being unethical, the practice may deny you what you rightfully deserve from your insurer.

At the Vaughan Law Group, we take pride in helping our clients, hence ready to help you value your claim. Our work comp attorney will take you through the necessary steps, estimating the cost of your injuries, so you understand your expected reward.

We Offer Professional Advice

After an accident, fear and grief may creep in, reducing your ability to make a proper judgment. In addition, the complex legal process may leave you wondering how to handle your case. A workers’ compensation lawyer comes in handy to give you professional advice.

At Vaughan Law Group, our skilled lawyers are always available for consultation. We can help you understand legal jargon and advice on the best options so that insurance companies don’t take advantage of your situation. If an insurer comes with an offer before settling the case, we’ll also help you know if it’s worth taking.

We Can Negotiate On Your Behalf

Insurance companies typically put their profit interest ahead of the injured worker’s interest. As a result, they easily convince their clients to accept a rushed compensation before settling the case. Unfortunately, accepting an initial offer means forfeiting pending payments for lost wages and medical bills.

An Orlando workers’ comp lawyer at Vaughan Law Group will negotiate with the insurer on your behalf. Instead, you’ll have the time to focus on your recovery as we help you settle your claim.

We Offer Emotional Support

An accident often brings distress which may lead to severe depression. An attorney comes in handy as a legal professional and a source of emotional support. At Vaughan Law Group, we’re always willing to hear your claim and offer moral support as we pursue legal justice.