Does it Take a Long Time to Get a Workers’ Compensation Settlement Check?

Does it Take a Long Time to Get a Workers’ Compensation Settlement Check?

No one wants to go to work and leave with an injury. Workplace injury accidents happen though, across many industries. While some industries have a higher amount of injury and fatal workplace accidents reported each year than others, any profession has the potential to be a place where an injury accident can take place.

After a workplace injury accident, once medical diagnosis and treatment have been secured, and a workers’ compensation lawyer is hired, the road to getting a settlement can vary in length for different workers. Getting to the point where a settlement is reached and a check is delivered varies for each person’s case. 

How Long Will You Have to Wait to Get Your Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

The length of time it will take to get your settlement depends on several factors. The one thing that an injured worker can do to improve their chances of getting a fair settlement that comes as quickly as possible is by working with an attorney. In Orlando, the Orlando workers’ compensation lawyers at the Vaughan Law Group have more than four decades of experience helping injured people get the full and fair compensation they need for their harm.

Does it Take a Long Time to Get a Workers' Compensation Settlement Check

Once a settlement is reached for a Florida workers’ compensation claim, getting to the actual check is not always a straightforward proposition. It is actually unreal to believe that after a settlement is agreed upon that a check will quickly ensue. There is still much that needs to be done before a check is dispersed. 

Settlement documents and general releases must be read and signed. Confidentiality agreements and even separation paperwork may also need to be signed. Still, it can take some time before you get these documents in your possession to even begin working through them. It may take weeks. Then after you get the paperwork and sign it, it will then have to go back to the workers’ compensation attorney for processing.

The procedures are still not complete. Once all of this review and signing of the documentation is done, the paperwork will then be sent as a package to the workers’ compensation judge for your case. The settlement can be approved at this point. However, if there are other factors in your case like a need to pay child support further action must be taken.

When everything is said and done, then it is up to the carrier to mail an injured worker’s attorney their check. Even though you would expect to get a check soon after everything is approved, this is often not the case. Workers’ compensation insurance companies have a reputation for delaying sending settlement checks out to injured parties.

Speak with a Florida Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

It may feel like an eternity until you actually get your settlement check when you are suffering painful injuries and working through the workers’ compensation system. Your lawyer will be a strong advocate and supporter of helping you get everything in as timely a manner as possible. Call the Orlando injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group today at (407) 648-1426 to learn more about how to successfully navigate Florida’s workers’ compensation system.