Estimating the Worth of Your Workers’ Compensation Case in Orlando

Estimating the Worth of Your Workers’ Compensation Case in Orlando

If you have recently filed a case for workers’ compensation, you must probably be waiting now for a settlement, and are waiting to get it as soon as possible. According to the official law defined by the State of Florida for the workers’ compensation, the case must be settled as efficiently and quickly as possible. However, the law is not followed quite often and the process can not only take too long but you will also end up wondering about the worth of your case.

How Much Is My Case Worth?

The actual truth of the situation is that there is no quick answer to this question. The amount of money that you are supposed to get can be guaranteed by no one. The worth of a workers’ compensation case is decided on the basis of many details and factors that play a role in a case value and can directly affect the monetary gain. Understanding these details and factors can help provide you with an estimate of the monetary gain you might end up with.

1.     Understand the Purpose of Workers’ Compensation Law

The first thing you need to understand is the purpose of the workers’ compensation law, which is to offer efficient and quick compensation for the lost wages and medical care during the period an employee was injured at work. However, many insurance companies see the purpose as the provision of certain amount of lost wages and minimal medical care. For this reason, companies direct you to the medical experts and treatments themselves.

2.     Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

When you have an experienced professional at your side, like a workers’ compensation attorney, you will be able to get the most out of your claim. An attorney will consider your personal injuries, your rate of psychological and physical recovery, your level of education, your age and your future treatment and medical expenses before deciding the worth of your case. Your work history and your salary will also play a commendable role in the process.

3.     Get a Scoop on Other Individuals and Entities

In a workers’ compensation case, there are other third party individuals and entities involved as well such as Judges of Compensation Claims (JCC), medical advisors and examiners, defense attorneys, claim adjustors and insurance company. Either you or your lawyer should be familiar and aware of these entities before deciding on your case.

4.     Get a Final Estimate from Your Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Your workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando will be able to estimate the approximate value of the settlement for your workers’ compensation. He will be helpful in evaluating whether your case is going to a trial or litigation. In either case he would be able to take depositions of medical experts and doctors and prepare witnesses in order to help you out.

So if you have a case at hand or if you are preparing to file a workers’ compensation case, talk to an attorney first. Your lawyer may be able to give you a better understanding of the worth of your workers’ compensation case as well as help you prepare for it effectively.