Evidence for a Strong Florida Motorcycle Accident Claim

Evidence for a Strong Florida Motorcycle Accident Claim

In 2019 the state of Florida there were 8,895 motorcycle crashes reported by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The overwhelming majority of the crashes ended in significant injuries and death. There were 2,072 incapacitating injuries reported from these crashes and 5,647 other types of injuries. These Florida motorcycle incidents in 2019 also resulted in 550 deaths. 

It isn’t just the state of Florida that has to bear the impact of devastating motorcycle accidents, the problem is widespread throughout the country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that the country loses more than 30,000 lives from motorcycle collisions and over $44 billion annually from the aftermath of these events. If you have been in an Orlando motorcycle accident please contact the Vaughan Law Group for help obtaining compensation through a Florida personal injury claim.

Collecting Evidence for a Florida Motorcycle Accident Claim

Evidence for a Strong Florida Motorcycle Accident ClaimThere are several ways to collect documentation and proof of the details of your motorcycle accident to use in your Orlando personal injury claim. The Orlando personal injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group will meticulously look over every aspect of your crash to find the strongest pieces of evidence that can help support the amount of money you are requesting in your claim. The Florida personal injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group will investigate the following:

  • Video footage has the potential to show precisely what happened in an Orlando motorcycle collision. At the very least it may provide pieces of helpful information that can offer a forensic crash reconstruction specialist what is needed to re-established what happened.
  • Like video footage, detailed pictures that show the property damages and document what the scene looked like after the motorcycle crash can be very helpful. Taking pictures of street signals, signs, the location of the vehicles, will all be useful for your attorney as well as for potential reconstruction specialists.
  • If there were other people that witnessed the accident asking for their contact information and taking it down to give to your attorney could be incredibly valuable to your claim. Your attorney will call these individuals and ask them for a statement.
  • Many times police officers that come out to a traffic collision will also write an official report and often, they will include what they believe happened. If you ask the officer for their name and badge to get that report it could speak to the damages you suffered.
  • All medical bills you incurred to treat and care for your injuries and help you recover will show what specific bodily harm was suffered, how severe it was, and what was required to get better.

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The Vaughan Law Group has an established reputation in the greater Orlando area for providing dedicated and elite legal counsel to victims of injury accidents. Collecting a fair settlement that fully compensates a victim is important. The Orlando motorcycle accident lawyers at the Vaughan Law Group will always work to ensure that a victim’s best interests and rights are protected. To schedule your free consultation with the talented Florida personal injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group call (702) 550-1111.