Has Your Orlando Workers’ Compensation Claim Been Denied?

Has Your Orlando Workers’ Compensation Claim Been Denied?

Orlando, FL – Workers compensation attorneys in Orlando can help if your workers com claim has been denied. When you apply for fair compensation of injuries sustained while engaged in duties at the workplace, there are some mistakes that are often committed. These errors cost you your rightful workers’ compensation claim, which results in added inconvenience along with the suffering of recovery. Getting the right Orlando workers comp attorney is critical!

Your justified workers’ compensation claim might be denied to you if you failed to observe prudence and conformity with the stated industry procedures. A little negligence can cost you a lot of inconvenience, stress, hassle and the worry of trying to meet your medical expenses along with your home expenses. Sometimes worker’s compensation attorneys in Orlando, find it hard to help employees get their rightful workers’ comp claim, because they either wasted valuable time in consulting them, or did not pay the required amount of importance to their instructions.

To avoid any such predicament and ensure the timely payment of your rightful workers’ injury compensation, it is necessary to avoid some of the most apparent reasons which could possibly deny you your justified claim to compensation.

Delayed Filing Of Claim

One of the most common and basic reasons which result in the denial of your claim request, is the delayed filing of the claim with your employer. The law states a definite period of time within which the injured worker has to inform their employer about the details of their accident and the suffered injury. Any delay in informing the employer about the incident within the specified number of days, can deny your claim on your employer.

Therefore it is very important for your Orlando workers compensation attorney to file your claim within the allotted time.

Injury Not Linked To Workplace

You need to be able to prove that the injury you have sustained is due to exposure to some dangerous chemical substance on the workplace, or contracted due to any accident on the premises. If you have sustained any damages or injuries outside the workplace, then worker’s compensation will not cover such a claim.

Breaking Or Lack Of Adherence To Company Rules

If you are found to break any company rules and policies specified for the filing of a claim, then you are liable to be denied the compensation for your injury. Your negligence in filing for the claim on time as well as ignoring the instructions and orders of the doctor can easily disqualify you for workers’ compensation. Any other violation of company rules and procedures is also likely to deny you the worker’s compensation claim.

Not A Full Time Employee

If you are not a permanent full time employee then you might not be liable to settle for a claim for worker’s compensation from the company. Being a part time worker, freelancer or contractor would not provide you coverage under the worker’s compensation benefit, but you may qualify for compensation under some other benefit element.

In order to prevent a straight denial of your workers’ compensation claim, it is important for you to recognize and then avoid the most common reasons which result in this situation.

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