Herniated Disc Injuries From Car Accidents In Florida

Herniated Disc Injuries From Car Accidents In Florida

Traffic accidents can result in a wide range of debilitating injuries if not death. Many injuries are more commonly associated with car accidents because of the nature of how the body responds to the force of impact. Neck and back injuries are notorious for occurring after accidents. These injuries can have minor symptoms like some aches and pains that go away on their own with time or they can have long-lasting symptoms that have a tremendous impact on one’s quality of life.

Herniated discs often result in car accidents. They may appear on the outside as only minor disruption in the body, but the reality is that they can cause victims to struggle for many years. As a result, require costly medical interventions to help ease the pain.

What are Herniated Discs?

The anatomy of the spin is such that each vertebra works together to create the movement and strength in the back and neck. To have the flexibility that the spine and neck offer, it requires each section, the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, and coccyx to work properly for their role. To do so they need to have adequate cushioning. Between the bones is where the cushion is found. These spinal discs have a pliable center covered with a hard exterior. 

In the event of a herniated disc, the internal soft portion of the spinal disc is forced out and through the outer, harder exterior. The way the soft interior can find its way out of a hard outer covering is when there is an opening via a tear or a rupture in that tough lining.  Herniated discs are also referred to as slipped, ruptured, or bulging discs.

There is not much room in the spinal canal and when there is irritation or rupture to the discs they respond by becoming inflamed. The swelling of the discs causes aggravation to the nerves and also reduces the discs ability to operate properly. They cannot absorb shock and impact the way they were designed and the result is that the victim suffering through this injury has feelings of discomfort, weakness, numbness, and a limited range of motion or ability to move.

Treatment for Herniated Discs

Herniated Disc Injury From Car Accidents In FloridaDepending on the severity of the case, there are a variety of treatment options that a sufferer can employ to help them with their injury including:

  • Reducing activity, getting plenty of rest and adding anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Physical manipulation through trained medical and service professionals like chiropractors, massage therapists, ice and heat therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, stretching, yoga, and physical therapists.
  • Nonsteroidal injections to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Surgery in the most severe cases, or when other more conservative treatment options have not been successful can help. Laminotomy, discectomy, and spinal fusions are some of the procedures surgeons may recommend depending on your injury’s circumstances. Both laser and traditional incision surgical options can be used.

Do You Have A Debilitating Injury From An Accident In Florida?

After an accident that was not your fault, if you have had to endure the pain and have been inconvenienced by a neck or back injury such as a herniated disc, you need to recoup compensation to help you with your medical costs. Additionally, if you’re injuries were severe enough that you had to miss work and ultimately lose out on wages, you deserve to be reimbursed for those costs. The Tampa personal injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group will help you by fighting to ensure you obtain a fair settlement after your personal injury claim has been filed. The Florida auto accident attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group will work with you to protect your legal rights and interests. 

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