How Long Will It Take for You to Get Your Worker’s Compensation Benefits?

How Long Will It Take for You to Get Your Worker’s Compensation Benefits?

Orlando FL – A worker compensation program is a system that has been enforced to protect both the employer and the employee when an injury takes place on site. The employee is covered for all the costs that arise in the process and the employer is protected from any lawsuits that can be filed against them. Though many workers choose to handle this process by themselves, if you want to gain maximum benefits, you should appoint a reputable worker’s compensation attorney in Orlando for the job.

The laws associated with worker’s compensation program bound the employers. They may fight your claims, but as a worker you have a right to medical consultation of your own choice. Your benefits will begin will right after.

Once you get injured on the job, it is your legal right to visit a physician. Your employer has to pay for this visit, but the amount will be limited until you receive approval on your claim. As per the laws, the employer will have to pay for this until you are fully treated and recover to your pre-injury health state. This is so even if you resign from that company.

Generally, a claim is approved in about three days, and after that, you begin to receive coverage if your employer does not dispute your claim. In most cases, the process can take longer. You can speed it up if you hire a reputable worker’s compensation attorney in Orlando. The only scenario when your employer will not dispute your claim is when you have several witnesses to back you up.

Workers’ Comp Claims in Florida

When you make a claim in Florida, the duration of the process varies. Usually, your employer will require you to file the incident 24 hours from when it happened, but this is not a law everywhere. As already mentioned, your employer will probably deny your benefit, in which case you will have to file an appeal. Once you do, your employer has 90 days to take an action. If they ignore the appeal, you automatically win the case.

Your employer’s insurance provider should start providing you with benefits in a time period of two weeks at the most. You can speed up this process if you hire a reputable worker’s compensation attorney in Orlando, maintain proper evidence, complete all the paperwork involved and make regular visits to your doctor. Should your benefits still be delayed unnecessarily, you will even earn interest on them.

Covered Injuries

A worker’s compensation program does not only cover immediate injuries, it can also be applied to cumulative trauma or injures that become apparent with time. These claims are the hardest to win, and you must definitely hire worker’s compensation attorney in Orlando for the job. In this case, you have about a year to appeal if your employer denies your claim. If you win, you will probably be asked to visit a different physician or doctor.

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