How to Help Your Teen Stay Safe While Driving

How to Help Your Teen Stay Safe While Driving

One of the most frightening times in a parent’s life is when their teen is ready to get their license. Teen drivers are a high-risk group for accidents for many reasons including their lack of experience as well as their increased propensity to take more risks. While it is good for teens to embrace more independence and responsibility, proactively helping your teen stay as safe as possible on the road is something that may reduce their risk of being involved in a Florida car accident.

Considering that the number one reason behind teen death is from car accidents the more informed teens can be about the seriousness of driving and the risks associated with it, the safer they can be each time they get behind the wheel. If you or your teen is the victim of a Florida car accident, call Vaughan Law Group to be sure you will get the most out of your Florida personal injury claim.

Safe Driving Tips for Teens

How to Help Your Teen Stay Safe While DrivingThere are several tips that can help a teen stay safer when they drive including:

  • Teens should still be practicing their driving skills even after they successfully pass their driving test and secure a license. You can enlist your child in a Florida defensive driving program that can help them continue to hone their skills and to improve their driving abilities. You can also continue to go on drives with your teen or enroll them in continued driving lessons.
  • Always discuss the dangers of using a handheld device while driving. You want your teen to have their cell phones with them in case they have an issue on the road and need assistance, but make sure that the rules of using the car mean that they must put their phone out of reach while driving. This will reduce the chance that they will be tempted to access it for texting or making calls while driving. You should also lead by example and do the same when you are driving. Not only will this improve your safety, but it will reinforce this safe driving behavior.
  • In Florida, a new driver is under no limitations for the number of car occupants they can have in the car with them. Parents may want to instill their own rules as to how many people can be in the car with their children. Extra passengers can be rowdy and extremely distracting and that makes it much more difficult to focus on the road. According to the Centers for Disease Control, when there are more car occupants the risk for accidents increases.
  • Always have your teen wear their seatbelt when they drive and when they are a passenger. This is another activity that you should also engage in when you are driving or when you are a passenger.

Should I Speak with a Florida Personal Injury Attorney?

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