Industrial Injuries Covered – Workplace Compensation Benefits in Orlando Florida

Industrial Injuries Covered – Workplace Compensation Benefits in Orlando Florida

Orlando, FL – Every year countless number of accidents occur in the industrial sector of Orlando Florida. Workers, mostly of the labor class, develop numerous diseases due to poor working conditions in factories and warehouses. Although the working conditions have improved tremendously throughout the years, still the environment at many warehouses and industrial units poses serious health hazards to the workers.

The frequency and severity of industrial injuries and diseases is underscored by the fact that the industrial sector loses billions of dollars to workers’ non-fatal accidents. The main causes behind the factory and warehouse accidents are as follows.

  • Hazardous working conditions
  • Lack of technical training
  • Inadequate safety measures
  • Unrealistic and stressful deadline pressure
  • Lack of proper supervision
  • Exposure to harmful industrial gases and chemicals

Back strain is a very common condition among factory workers, and it is most of the time covered under the workers’ compensation law. Apart from this, other common health plagues are pulled muscles and sprains, pinched nerves, head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputation, orthopedic injuries, bone fractures, loss of eyesight, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, repetitive stress injuries and muscle tears.

According to a recent study, warehouse injuries account for about 15 deaths per hundred thousand factory workers. About one third of these deaths are caused by large falling items and containers. Some of the deaths are also caused by forklifts and vehicle accidents and lethal injuries due to old or defective machinery. fires, explosions, excessive heat, drill press malfunctions, loading dock accidents and heart failure due to hazardous working environments also account for the high number of deaths of warehouse and factory workers.

These statistics make warehouse and factory jobs one of the top hundred hazardous jobs in Orlando Florida. While all of it is covered under the workers’ compensation laws, many organizations resist in approving the claim or try to take undue advantage of the worker’s ignorance of his rights. If you are uninformed about your rights or are facing resistance from your employer, consult a worker’s compensation attorney.

The factory and warehouse accidents are not always fatal. The recovery process of such injuries is very lengthy, painful and expensive. Not only can the medical bills escalate but the situation worsens if the injured worker is unable to go to work. Extensive absences from work put the employee in a tense and emotionally disturbed state of mind. Depression, frustration and feelings of worthlessness are very common among disabled factory and warehouse workers. That being said, any psychological treatment that you undergo due to the work related injury is also covered under the workers’ compensation law in Orlando Florida.

One positive thing about workers’ compensation law is that you are not required to prove whether the accident was your fault. The amount of compensation depends upon the law in effect on your date of accident and for how many days you won’t be able to work.

Factory and warehouse accidents are very severe and costly. Don’t forgo your rights. Hire a good workers’ compensation attorney and receive what is rightfully yours.

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