Orlando, FL is a Festive Town

Orlando has some of the best festivals you can ever encounter anywhere. These festivals are aimed at celebrating different issues in the community of Orlando. If you are a festival lover, below are some of the top festivals you should attend. Learn information about Orlando, FL.

Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival

This festival is one of the earliest and most prestigious outdoor art festivals. The festival was started in 1960 as a community project to bring local artists and art lovers together. Artists from different regions of the world come to showcase their work at this festival. The festival features various arts and crafts. Soft and contemporary music is played for the visitors. You can also go to the traditional Friday Night concert before the festival. Discover facts about Orlando, FL is a Shoppers Paradise.

Florida Salsa Festival

Florida Salsa Fest is a two-day Latin event featuring popular artists in performing arts. The dances are international and from the local community. If you want to learn how to dance, attending this festival will allow you to learn. Once you experience the festival, you will look forward to it every year.