Orlando, FL is a Historical City

Orlando offers multiple ways to have fun exploring all of the town’s past for history lovers. If you are considering learning the history of Orlando through the ages, consider taking a trip to any of these two places. Information can be found here.

Harry P Leu Gardens

Harry Leu Gardens are pretty, and they have a history behind them. This place features 50-acre gardens with winding pathways through over 40 different plant collections. It was established in 1961, and it hosts Florida’s largest rose gardens. You can visit the various gardens, birding opportunities, the beautiful flower clock, and the museum. The Leu Gardens and the Leu House Museum were named after the Leus, world travelers. They brought back seeds and shoots from their trips worldwide for their little garden, which would eventually become the Harry P. Leu Gardens. See here for information about Orlando, FL is a Festive Town.

Titanic The Artifact Exhibition

This is one of the unique attractions in Orlando. The exhibition recreates the world of Titanic. You can go through the famous Titanic rooms. Trained actors in period costumes portray the famous Titanic notables like Margaret. The personal artifacts displayed in this exhibition offer haunting and emotional connections to the people’s lives on the Titanic.