Orlando, FL is Full of Landmark Attractions

Like most towns, Orland boasts multiple landmarks. You can be educated about the city of Orlando by visiting these landmarks. Visit this link for more information.

International Drive

The International Drive has some of the most attractive theme parks. Once inside, you can explore hundreds of interactive exhibits. Ripley’s Believe it or Not, which is falling into a massive hole. The I-Drive has a picnic area where you can relax. You can also visit the ICON Park at International Drive to enjoy the entertainment, dining, and shopping experience. Pointe Orlando is an open-air dining area with an entertainment hub. Read about Orlando, FL is a Chock-Full of Fun Activities here.

Disney Boardwalk

The Disney Boardwalk provides a quarter-mile of exquisite dining, shops, and exciting nightlife. You can stroll along the water’s edge or play games. You can also enjoy the evening street performance. You can also watch all the televised sporting events and dance to the music. You can also ride a bike with friends and cruise down the boardwalk.