Orlando Worker’s Compensation Claim Denied – Your Next Move

Orlando Worker’s Compensation Claim Denied – Your Next Move

Orlando, FL – Workers’ Compensation is like a no-fault insurance. You do not need to prove whether it was your fault or the company’s negligence. You are eligible for the claim as long the injury/disease occurred while you were on-job. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. At times, the workers are denied their rightful benefits.

The workers’ compensation system in Orlando Florida is designed to assist the workers injured during the course of their employment. However, the workers’ compensation claim may not get approved. The reasons could be many.

Why Your Worker’s Compensation Claim is Denied

While a workers’ compensation attorney is the right person to tell you why your claim was denied; following are some of the reasons why the workers’ compensation claims are normally not approved.

  • The accident was not reported within 30 days, as per the requirements in Orlando Florida.
  • Your accident did not occur while performing your job.
  • Your injury/disease is caused by a preexisting medical problem.
  • Your pain is because of any past accident and at that time you were not on-job.
  • Conflict over when and where the accident happened
  • An authorized doctor says that your temporary/permanent disability is not because of the work-related injury
  • You deliberately prolonged the treatment

How Can You Reverse the Denial?

The fact that your workers’ compensation claim is denied once does not mean that you will not get your rightful benefits. You are entitled to appeal the decision. The process of appealing the decision is not at all complex. Here is what you need to do. Hire an attorney and have the attorney file a petition for benefits. This will lead to a mediation and, if necessary, a trial with a judge of compensation claims.

Role of the Workers’ Compensation Attorney

You don’t really need to worry about the attorney’s fee. It is normally based on a small percentage of the reimbursement you receive. Your attorney would find out the reason for denial, handle all the documentation process, contact the witnesses if there were any and gather medical experts to testify in your favor.

A qualified worker’s compensation attorney knows how and where to appeal, what kinds of evidence and witnesses are required, whether you need an advanced medical evaluation and what are the state’s appeal requirements in Orlando Florida. In a nutshell, hiring a competitive worker’s compensation attorney increases your chances of winning and receiving the maximum amount of reimbursement.

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