Orthopedic Spinal Injuries – Their Severity and the Role of Workers Compensation Attorney

Orthopedic Spinal Injuries – Their Severity and the Role of Workers Compensation Attorney

Orlando, FL – Orthopedic spinal injuries are quite common and are caused by dislocation, rotation, bending and unnatural extension of the cord. One of the most closely associated reasons includes road accidents. However, falls, work-related injuries, sports injuries and subjective wounding may also be attributed with spinal injuries.

When a spinal injury is caused by work-related activities due to the known negligence of the employer, it becomes eligible to receive workers compensation. This aims to cover all costs pertaining to the hospitalization and medication charges incurred during the treatment phase. In cases where the injuries are severe enough to cause paraplegia or quadriplegia, your workers compensation attorney is likely to hold the organization responsible for this situation and recover the loss of income as well.

Types of Spinal Injuries in Orlando

The spine is broadly divided into three categories – the cervical spine, the thoracic spine and the lumbar spine.

The cervical spine is the initial section of your spine that supports and pivots the head. It shields the nerves responsible for the actions of your upper body. Hence any damage to this region may cause temporary or permanent impairment with respect to your ability to move your head and arms.

The thoracic spine follows the cervical section and is comprised primarily of the column supporting your back. It includes the ribs that enclose the pulmonary cavity. This restricts the free movement of the thoracic spine and therefore serves to protect vital body parts. Any damage to this section may cause varying degree of severe problems ranging from immobility and back pain to comprised protection of vital body parts. These patients are often put on complete bed rest with no movement.

The lumbar spine is the lowest end of the spine that serves the purpose of managing the body weight. It shields the nerves responsible for the actions of your lower body. Any damage to this region may therefore emerge as paraplegia or the paralysis of your lower body.

The spine in totality controls and executes the brain functions and is therefore responsible for all activities. Any damage to this section can cause varying degrees of disability. In severe cases, it may emerge as a major handicap for life.

What a Workers Compensation Attorney Does?

The workers compensation attorney is responsible for ensuring justice is served. The entity responsible for the damage is obliged to pay for all treatment costs involved in the case. If there is a long term disability involved, the workers compensation attorney will also include the income loss resulting from this disability. The actual costs may vary from one victim to another. It is therefore advised to lookout for an experienced workers compensation attorney in Orlando, FL to take control of the legal affairs.

Most organizations prefer to resolve employee rights violation cases out of court in order to save the time and money involved. If the company agrees to do so, make sure you have a realistic all-encompassing estimate before entering the meeting. Or visit a trusted worker compensation attorney for the job.

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