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The Orlando Whistleblower law firm of Vaughan Law Group, P.A. represents individuals in Qui Tam/False Claims/Whistleblower cases wherein the client has evidence or information that a company or employer has committed fraud against the United States government. Some Whistleblower Cases relate to the fraudulent billing of healthcare institutions run by the government or the United States Department of Defense. The individual who files the Qui Tam lawsuit alleging such fraud is called the RELATOR. If the lawsuit is successful, the Relator is eligible for a percentage of the money recovered by the government in that particular case. In many times, the amounts are extraordinarily large, thereby, entitling the Relator to a significant recovery.

The Relator/Client is protected under the law from employment retaliation from the employers against whom the claims are made. To fully realize the protection that the law affords, the Relator should be represented by competent legal counsel. The Orlando Whistleblower attorneys at Vaughan Law Group can adequately explain your rights as a Whistleblower under the FALSE CLAIMS ACT. The recovery that can be made by the Whistleblower/Relator is usually between 15% and 25% of the amount recovered.

This Whistleblower Law (False Claims Act) has been in effect since the Civil War era. It was initially drafted by President Abraham Lincoln for the purpose of fighting fraud committed on the Union Army by military supplier’s intent to cheat the government. At that time, defense contractors were selling lame and decrepit horses, as well as stale and rotten food to the military. The False Claims Act was updated in 1986 and, since that time, billions of dollars have been recovered for this country and billions of dollars have been paid out to Whistleblowers. Fraud against the Internal Revenue Service and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is also covered by the False Claims Act.
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If you have any potential claims involving the False Claims Act (Whistleblowers/Qui Tam Law), contact the Orlando Whistleblower attorneys at Vaughan Law Group for a free consultation. You can contact Vaughan Law Group at (407) 648-4535 or use the form found on this page.