Paraplegia Injury-Workers’ Compensation in Orlando, Florida

Paraplegia Injury-Workers’ Compensation in Orlando, Florida

If you are newly recruited in a company based in Orlando, Florida, then it is advisable to acquire information about workers’ compensation in Orlando, Florida to learn what injuries are compensated for and which ones are not. This is important to know because there have been many cases in which injured workers have filed for workers’ compensation claim but their claims were denied. Whatever the reason for the denial may be, the truth of the matter is that the injured workers had to bear the medical expenses on their own and they couldn’t defend their case because of the lack of knowledge.

Did you know Paraplegia Injury is covered under the workers’ compensation law in Orlando, Florida?

Paraplegia Injury

Paraplegia is an impairment of either sensory or motor function of the lower extremities. It occurs due to a spinal cord injury or a congenital condition such as spina bifida that affects the neural elements of the spinal canal. The affected area of the spinal canal is thoracic, cervical or lumbar regions.

In catastrophic injury cases, sometimes all four limbs are affected by paraplegia. This condition is called tetraplegia.

Paraplegia Injury- Workers’ Compensation Claim

If a worker experiences paraplegia injury at work or while running job-related errands, the worker can file for workers’ compensation claim. However, one of the challenges of this injury claim is that you need extended hospitalization, physical therapies, rehabilitation treatments and sometimes even surgeries. This can be quite costly and the employer’s insurance company may try to violate your rights and settle the claim before you are fully recovered. If you are not completely recovered from the injury and the claim is settled, then you have to bear the medical expenses which can be overly expensive.

Hire a Professional Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Orlando Florida to Represent Your Case

Before entering into any settlement negotiation with the insurance company, it’s best to hire a professional and an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to represent your case. The workers’ compensation attorney works with your medical and rehabilitation experts and certified life care planners to document comprehensive details of the damages you have suffered. Once the documents are ready, the attorney helps you file your claim to ensure you achieve maximum possible recovery for all of your damages including current and future lost wages and the aid you need for continuing your medical care and physical and vocational rehabilitation.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

To increase your chances of gaining maximum benefits from the compensation claim it is always a wise idea to hire a professional workers’ compensation attorney simply because the attorney:

  • Has a sound knowledge about the workers’ compensation program in Orlando, Florida
  • Protects your rights from being violated by the insurance company
  • Ensures that your claim is approved by the employer’s insurance company and you receive the correct amount of your compensation
  • Also, protects you from being terminated in case the employer retaliates against you for filing a workers’ compensation claim