Orlando Wrongful Death Attorneys

Orlando Wrongful Death Attorneys

The Orlando wrongful death attorneys at Vaughan Law Group are AV rated by Martindale Hubble and have been representing families of those individuals killed by the negligence of others for over 35 years. The AV Rating means that peer lawyers have acknowledged the excellence in both Vaughan Law Group competency and ethics. The viewer should peruse this website in order to obtain a more specific indication of the credentials of the Orlando wrongful death attorneys at Vaughan Law Group. That viewer can review the credentials of the attorneys at Vaughan Law Group, as well as note some of the more recent successes of the firm. The Orlando wrongful death lawyers at Vaughan Law Group will conduct client interviews free of charge in order to determine whether legal representation may be beneficial to the potential clients.As discussed below, the state of Florida has a two year statute of limitations in wrongful death cases.Below are listed some general items of information concerning the area of wrongful death.

Orlando Wrongful Death

Death claims typically arise due to some form of misconduct that leads to a catastrophic event. The misconduct can range from an act of momentary negligence or carelessness to an intentional or reckless act. It can be the act of a single person or of a corporation, such as a drug company. The law provides for the compensation of the survivors when a wrongful death occurs, just as it provides for the compensation of a victim who has been injured by similar misconduct. If you feel that someone you know has been a victim of wrongful death, please contact us.

The laws of each state identify the persons entitled to compensation for a wrongful death. It is common for the list of survivors (sometimes called “beneficiaries”) to include the spouse and minor children of an adult deceased. Sometimes, as in Florida, the definition of minor children includes persons older than 18. It is also common for the survivors to include the parents of a minor child deceased. Again, Florida uses an expanded definition of “minor children”. The estate of a deceased usually has rights to compensation as well.

Florida and some other states also recognize the rights of relatives other than those mentioned if they were dependent upon the deceased for support or services.

The losses or damages vary somewhat from state to state. They also are dependent upon the relationship of the survivor to the deceased. One example: a spouse is usually entitled to be compensation for the loss of the love, affection, companionship, support, and services of the deceased for the period of their joint life expectancy. Another example: a “minor” child (who might actually be in his or her twenties) is usually entitled to recover for the loss of the guidance, affection, support, and services of the deceased.

In each instance the law seeks to allow compensation for the actual losses that have been experienced by each individual survivor. It is also common for the Estate to have the right to seek compensation for the loss of the prospective estate that would have accumulated had the wrongful death not intervened.

Lastly, medical and funeral expenses are normally recoverable by the Estate or the survivor who has paid or is obligated to pay them.

Statute of Limitations

All wrongful death laws are subject to a statute of limitations, which limits the amount of time a victim or their family has to file a lawsuit. The statute of limitations varies from state to state. In Florida the statute of limitations for wrongful death claims is two years. If a loved one has sustained a wrongful death, the best way to protect your legal rights is to seek the early advice of a qualified legal professional. The Orlando wrongful death attorneys at Vaughan law firm can inform you of the best way to protect your legal interests.

The Orlando wrongful death attorneys’ Vaughan Law Group are experienced and well-versed in wrongful death claims.

Orlando Wrongful Death Contact Information

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Orlando Wrongful Death FAQ’s

How does Vaughan Law Group charge fees for a wrongful death claim?

Attorneys fees for Florida and Orlando Wrongful Death Claims are governed by the Florida Bar. Generally speaking, attorneys representing wrongful death clients are limited to 33 1/3 % of a gross recovery before a lawsuit is filed and 40% of gross recovery after a lawsuit has been filed.

How does Vaughan Law Group handle the costs necessary for a successful result in a wrongful death claim?

Vaughan Law Group advances all cost on behalf of its clients and will not recover them from the client unless the case is won at trial or settled. The client only reimburses Vaughan Law Group if that client prevails and receives a monetary award or settlement.

What costs would Vaughan Law Group typically advance for a wrongful death claim?

In most injury cases, costs will vary from hundreds of dollars to tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. These costs are for various needs to include, but not limited to, medical and lay depositions, expert review and testimony, subpoenas, medical records, travel, etc

How long will my wrongful death case last?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing the specific type of case and the specific facts of your case. However, a general rule-of-thumb would be within 3-9 months for cases that don’t have to be put into suit and 12-24 months for cases that are filed on.

Do I have to go to trial for my wrongful death claim?

Again, the specifics of each case will help decide whether a trial would be advantageous to you. However, you will never HAVE to go to trial; that will be up to you. In most cases, court ordered mediation allows the parties to get together and resolve the case prior to any trials.