Workers’ Compensation Attorney Explains Why Your Claim Might Be Denied

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(Orlando, FL, November 2022)  Vaughan Law Group’s experienced Orlando workers’ compensation lawyer shared in an update that if a Florida worker is injured on the job, he or she can file a workers’ compensation claim to receive medical benefits and other compensation. For some employees, filing a workers’ compensation claim is simple, and they begin receiving benefits right away. However, for workers whose initial claims are denied, the appeals process can be lengthy and difficult.

If you are in this situation and believe you are entitled to workers’ compensation for your injury or illness, Vaughan Law Group’s workers’ compensation attorney can review your case, work with you to create a plan to appeal your work injuries claim, and find a solution that is tailored to your needs.

What are the possible reasons for your work injury claim being denied? When should you seek the assistance of an Orlando workers’ compensation lawyer?

In some cases, the insurance company your employer uses for workers’ compensation coverage will refuse to pay claims. This is especially common when the injury is serious and debilitating, requiring extended and intensive medical treatment and long periods of time away from work as a result. Insurance companies want to keep their costs low, which is why they deny claims.

One of the main reasons many injured workers don’t appeal their denial is that they find that it’s a lot of work and energy. When it comes to getting your workers’ compensation payouts, if you truly believe you are entitled to them, hiring an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to help with your appeal is recommended.

Some of the most common reasons given by employers or their insurance companies for denying your claim are:

  • “We tried to submit your claim to the workers’ compensation insurer, but they returned it because it wasn’t a work-related injury.”
  • “The injury wasn’t caused by anything new, it’s just showing more now because there isn’t enough healing.”
  • “The injury occurred because you engaged in wrongful or negligent behavior (such as being intoxicated).”
  • “You are an independent contractor but cannot recover workers’ compensation benefits.”
  • “The state determines how workers’ compensation insurance will be distributed based on their guidelines.”
  • “You didn’t file your claim within the appropriate time frame.”
  • “Your work injury compensation claim documents may contain errors.”

Sometimes, your disability claim will be denied. That doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot recover benefits. In fact, you can dispute the denial by filing an appeal.

There are several critical steps involved, but speaking with a workers’ compensation attorney is always advised. You may be able to resolve your dispute with your employer by reaching an agreement with the assistance of a workers’ compensation attorney.

If all efforts fail, the next step would be for your Orlando workers’ compensation lawyer to file the Petition for Benefits on your behalf.

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