Quadriplegia Injury Covered Under Workers’ Compensation Program in Orlando, Florida

Quadriplegia Injury Covered Under Workers’ Compensation Program in Orlando, Florida

Before you take on a job in Orlando, Florida, it is best to ensure the employer carries workers’ compensation insurance. It is important for the employer to hold compensation insurance because in the event of any work-related injuries to the workers, the employer’s insurance company can provide coverage to the injured workers medical expenses and lost earnings.

If the employer does not carry workers’ compensation insurance, the employer is likely to deny your claim where either you would have to pay yourself for your work-related injury medical expenses which can be quite expensive or you would have to file a lawsuit against the company and find yourself entangled in complex legal proceedings.

In addition to this, you must also acquire a good understanding about the Florida State workers’ compensation law so that you know how to file a claim and what injuries are covered.

Injuries Covered Under Workers’ Compensation Law of Orlando, Florida

Under the workers’ compensation law, the following injuries are covered:

Quadriplegia injuries are also covered under the workers’ compensation law in Orlando, Florida.

Quadriplegia Injury

Quadriplegia is paralysis caused by damage to the brain or the cervical spinal cord at a high level C1-C7. The injury to the spinal cord is known as a lesion. It often results in the loss of partial or total functioning of the four limbs.

Causes of Quadriplegia

The common causes of quadriplegia include:

  • Trauma such as traffic collision or a fall
  • Disease such as Transverse myelitis
  • Congenital disorders such as muscular dystrophy

This medical condition can cause numerous complications including blood clots, spastic muscles, autonomic dysreflexia and pressure sores.

Quadriplegia Injury at Workplace- File for Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you experience quadriplegia injury at workplace, you can file for workers’ compensation claim. Under this compensation, your employer’s insurance company will cover for you medical care and lost wages. However, getting your claim approved may not be an easy task because quadriplegia can be congenital. The insurance company may state that your injury is congenital and deny your claim.

Therefore, to ensure claim is not denied and you receive adequate coverage from the employer’s insurance company, hire a professional workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando, Florida.

A professional and an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can present your case better than you can. By using his/her experience, expertise and knowledge a professional attorney can obtain you maximum benefits and help you receive insurance claim that you are entitled for.

By receiving adequate coverage for your medical treatment, you can get proper medical care without incurring heavy expenses. You will also get compensated for wages lost due to your absence from your job during the recovery period.

Another thing for you to know is that the insurance coverage may depend on the severity of the injury and its effects.