Rollover Accidents in SUVs Versus Other Vehicles

Rollover Accidents in SUVs Versus Other Vehicles

In 2020, the most popular SUV that was purchased was the Toyota RAV4. The second most-purchased SUV was the Honda CR-V and then the Chevrolet Equinox. SUVs can provide the additional room and comfort a driver needs to get around. The most dangerous and potentially deadly accident that happens on the road is a rollover. Rollover crashes don’t make up the majority of traffic collisions only occurring in just 3% of all crashes, but they are cause 30% of the lives lost after a crash. SUVs have the highest risk of rolling over when compared to all personal automobiles.

The very high center of gravity that exists from the design of the SUV is why these vehicles are so prone to deadly rollover accidents. When an SUV loses its balance it can easily rollover. Some ways that an SUV may become unstable and rollover are if they make a sharp turn too fast or if there is some type of hazard on the road. In fact, approximately 70% of the rollover accidents that are reported every year happen because they hit some type of rubbish on the road and it causes them to tip.

How Much More Prone to a Rollover Incident are SUVs Compared to Other Vehicles?

Rollover Accidents in SUVs Versus Other VehiclesSurprisingly enough, SUVs put passengers and drivers at the highest risk for a rollover accident more so than any other type of private passenger vehicle type. Consider the following:

  • Private passenger sedans have a 3% rate of rolling over.
  • Large vans have a 4% rate of rolling over.
  • Pickup trucks have a 7% rate of rolling over.
  • SUVs have a 12% rate of rolling over.

As with other types of automobiles, SUV manufacturers are constantly testing and doing research to improve the safety of their automobiles. Even with these investments in safeguards, rollover accidents still take place. In some situations, an SUV lacks acceptable safety systems. Other times, there has been no anti-rollover technology built into the vehicle.

If a driver is involved in a Florida rollover accident because of a defective design or if there were manufacturing errors, victims can speak with a Florida car accident attorney to learn how to file a Florida personal injury claim for compensation. Victims of car accidents in Orlando can count on the Orlando catastrophic injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group for the best and most effective legal representation.

Rollover accidents in Orlando cause serious injuries and many of these traffic accidents are fatal. According to statistics, up to half of the passenger deaths that take place for individuals inside an SUV are from rollover incidents.

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