Seven Essential Tips for Workers’ Compensation Cases in Orlando

Seven Essential Tips for Workers’ Compensation Cases in Orlando

Workers compensation cases can be quite complicated at times. You might end up filing a case that could take months to process, or you could end up being mistreated or denied your rights for workers’ compensation. Whatever the case may be, make sure that you know these seven tips and follow them too.

Report All Injuries

At a workplace, injuries can happen anytime. Make sure that you report all your wounds, traumas, exposures or pain to your employer. Cumulative trauma injuries like neck, back, asthma, hips, knees, elbows or wrist, all are compensable if reported on time.

Seek Medical Attention

Seek out medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you suffer from a minor work injury, make sure you get it recorded medically so that not only your doctor can evaluate your case better but it can also help sustain your work history. If, in future, the need for workers compensation rises again your medical history will strengthen your entitlement for the medical benefits.

Explain Your Involvement of Work in the Injury

If you have contracted an injury, make sure you inform your medical provider, be it nurse, practitioner, assistant or a doctor, about the involvement of work in your condition. Often at times, medical providers are not instructed or trained to inquire about your work relationship, so do not wait to be asked.

Find out Information about Your Company’s Insurance Carrier

Find out all the information about you’re the insurance carrier responsible for providing your employer the workers compensation benefits. Ask if the employer is under a third party insurance or self insured. If he refuses to reveal the information, contact the insurance agent or the workers’ compensation agency.

Do Not Take No for an Answer

If you are entitled for the benefits of workers’ compensation, do not take a rejection for an answer. Make sure you claim all your benefits from the employer as well as the insurance carrier responsible for the workers’ compensation of your employer. The claim must be settled and disputed with a month.

Seek Out Special Benefits

There are few cases when you have to appear for a replacement. For example, you might have to undergo a surgery to have your shoulders, hips or knees replaced. In such cases, you are entitled to over seven months of workers’ compensation benefits even if you have retired or returned to work.

Continue Seeing Your Doctor Until Fully Recovered

If you have an injury, continue seeing your doctor until you have fully recovered. If you stop seeing your doctor in the midst after you return back to work regarding your work related condition, you might end up at a loss. Your insurance carrier responsible for your workers’ compensation benefits will close your file down, making it difficult for you to obtain wage loss and medical benefits in the future. See your medical provider once or twice a year to keep the flow going.

For further tips, consult your workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando so that you may be able to find out additional benefits and precautions that you need to adhere to.