Should I Have Surgery to Increase My Florida Injury Claim Amount?

Should I Have Surgery to Increase My Florida Injury Claim Amount?

After a Florida injury accident, a victim is well within their right to meet with a Florida personal injury attorney and file a Florida personal injury claim. The value of a claim is directly related to the number of damages sustained and their severity. Naturally, more substantial accidents where the aftermath is catastrophic will yield higher settlement amounts. In some cases, the details of an accident are so horrific that on top of the money received in a settlement, additional punitive compensation can be added.

When you have been in an injury accident whether it be a slip and fall, Florida automobile incident, if you lost a loved one in an accident, or if you sustained harm in any other negligence accident the Vaughan Law Group can help you with an Orlando personal injury claim. The Vaughan Law Group are the skilled Florida personal injury attorneys who you want fighting on your behalf when you want to maximize the amount of compensation you receive out of your personal injury claim. The Orlando catastrophic injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group are AV rated by Martindale Hubble and have more than 25 years of providing effective legal services to all victims of injury accidents in Florida.

Can Having Surgery After a Florida Injury Accident Increase Compensation from a Florida Personal Injury Claim?

Should I Have Surgery to Increase My Florida Injury Claim AmountCertainly, if you are required to have surgery, it goes without saying you sustained at least mild if not serious harm after your accident. When this is true, your personal injury claim and the following settlement will reflect the level of damage that you had to go through. Any amount of medical care that you are prescribed by your doctor to undergo should be taken seriously by victims. Victims should heed the orders of the medical professionals that examine them. The treatment and surgery that may be required are necessary to help you heal properly and avoid having to endure further physical harm.

However, electing to have surgery that is not required for the pure purposes of increasing your settlement amount is not advised. There are several obvious reasons for this but the most important is that surgery is a risk. Anyone can have complications that can lead to infection and in the most extreme cases death. Surgical scars can be disfiguring, and recovering from a surgical procedure takes time and is painful.

Additionally, engaging in fraudulent activities to increase a settlement amount is dishonest and unethical. Playing the system isn’t going to work out in your best interest, and may even harm your case. Now, on the converse, if after your accident situation surgery is not recommended but as time passes your condition worsens, this could change. Seeing a doctor after an injury progresses may result in the need for surgery and at that time it is important that the new medical development be addressed in your personal injury case.

Do You Need Help with Your Florida Personal Injury Claim?

The bottom line is surgery isn’t a guarantee of a massive settlement and should only be a risk taken if your doctor tells you that you need it. The Florida serious injury accident attorneys at Vaughan Law Group offer completely free consultations where you can learn more about your legal options. Call the Orlando serious injury attorneys at Vaughan Law Group today at (407) 648-1426.