Should I Use My Social Media Before My Personal Injury Suit is Settled?

Should I Use My Social Media Before My Personal Injury Suit is Settled?

Social media has become increasingly popular over the years with more and more platforms popping up for people to join. It is very common for individuals who use social media to regularly post updates on what they are doing or situations and events that are happening in their life. While this type of posting shouldn’t cause a problem for a user in general, some posts can be problematic for individuals who have been involved in an accident where they were injured.

After an injury accident like a Florida car accident, for example, the most important thing to do is to seek medical treatment to preserve your well-being. The next thing would be to connect with a talented and knowledgeable Florida personal injury attorney to discuss your case. Not only will an Orlando serious injury lawyer be able to provide you with your legal options for pursuing compensation, but they will also advise you on the things you should and shouldn’t do while your claim is being litigated. One of the actions your attorney may tell you to avoid would be social media.

Why Can’t You Use Social Media During an Active Florida Personal Injury Claim?

You may not have to completely rule out using all of your social media while your claim is still active. However, it is extremely important to be cautious about the posts you make. The insurance company is going to be turning over every rock and stone to find as much information as possible to devalue or deny your claim. If you post something that could be interpreted as contradictory to the damages you are seeking in your claim, you could seriously jeopardize your case as well as the amount of compensation you receive.

A good example would be asserting that because of your injuries from the accident you were involved in, your mobility was impaired so severely that are physically incapable to participate in many daily activities. Now, if you are posting pictures of yourself bungee jumping or playing basketball with some friends, an insurance agent can easily use those posts against you to show that your injuries are not as bad as you say that they are.

It may not seem fair, but it is the reality of the situation. Insurance companies will do anything they can to avoid having to pay you the money that you are entitled to. The amount of compensation you obtain will be related to how strong of a case you have. The strength of your case will depend heavily on the evidence you have to back up your statements. When you work with an attorney, you will have the support and advice you need to avoid pitfalls that can happen with accidental social media posts that are detrimental to your case. After your claim has settled, returning to social media is completely up to you.

Should I Speak with a Florida Personal Injury Attorney?

Should I Use My Social Media Before My Personal Injury Suit is SettledDetermining how to use your social media or if you should use it at all is a great question that can be answered by the Orlando serious injury attorneys at Vaughan Law Group. The attorneys at Vaughan Law Group are here to discuss your case with you during a free, no-obligation consultation. Call the Florida serious injury lawyers at Vaughan Law Group today at (407) 648-1426.