The Process of Receiving Worker’s Compensation in Central Florida

The Process of Receiving Worker’s Compensation in Central Florida

Orlando, FL – Worker’s compensation insurance is a benefit that has been designed for those individuals who get injured while on their job. Until this system was enforced, workers had limited resources to treat their injuries and cover their expenses. Now, this has changed and there is a good chance that every injured worker will receive the benefits they deserve. There is just one problem. The claim process can be a bit complex since no lay person can properly understand the related policies. As such, a good idea is to hire a reputable worker’s compensation attorney in Orlando so that you can get maximum benefits.

Here is a quick review of all that is involved


Generally, you will receive your benefits by the insurance provider of your employee. As per the laws, all employers must have this policy for all of their workers. They can buy this from any private company or through the state worker’s compensation pool. The rates for this policy vary in every region, and are usually higher for industries that are associated with higher risks of injury, such as factory work and construction industry.


If you get injured while managing your job tasks, your employer has to report the incident to their insurance provider. As long as the accident occurred during your work hours, you will be covered for all treatment. This includes visits to the doctors, surgery, rehabilitation, medications and other medical attention that is necessary for recovery. If your doctor certifies that you will not be able to return to work for a certain time, you will get a temporary disability and if they believe that you will not ever be able to work, you will receive a permanent disability award.

You will get all the benefits that you deserve, and when you hire worker’s compensation attorney in Orlando, they will ensure that you get the maximum reward.


There are many instances when your employer or their insurance provider denies you compensation. In this case, you can file an appeal against them in a worker’s compensation court or with the state administrators. Hire a worker’s compensation attorney in Orlando so that the process is simplified and your win chances increase. If you try to handle everything by yourself, you may want to give up half way down the road since the process can get quite complicated at times.


An insurance provider may want to settle your case so that they can avoid the continuing treatment costs. If you accept this offer, you will be given a lump sum amount if you release all injury related claims. In some cases, you may also be asked to voluntarily resign from your position.

Please note that settlement is not a mandatory option and you do not have to take it if you do not want to. In this case, your claim will remain open and you will get continuous coverage for all related medical care.

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