Tips For Safely Using Your Electronic Devices

Tips For Safely Using Your Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are everywhere and many of us wouldn’t be found without our phones unless it was mandatory, like when we are showering. Our lives rely heavily on the services electronic devices offer. Imagine living without GPS, email, or the ability to look up anything you want using the internet no matter where you are. It is hard to think of a day you don’t use at least one if not multiple devices and gadgets.

While helpful, addictive, and for most of us necessary, our electronic devices can also injure us and cause us great pain if they are used for fraud.  There are things that you can do to reduce your risk of injury or fraud.

How Can You Safely Manage Your Electronic Devices?

  • Keep your important information stored on your device safe by using a remote wipe feature. If you ever lose your device or if you are unfortunate enough to be targeted and have your device stolen, you can wipe all of your information clean so that the thieves can not access your private information.
  • Almost everything you do requires some sort of set up or asks you several questions regarding your personal information. Don’t overshare. Giving as little as possible is the best way to keep your data better protected.
  • Heat is bad for batteries and if you leave your device in a hot car or in direct sunlight you could be injured when you go to retrieve it.
  • Water is also a major restriction for electronics. There have been cases where individuals have been electrocuted when their devices were in contact with water. Keep yourself safe and refrain from texting or taking selfies while in the ocean, at the lake, or in the pool. It is also not a good idea to have your device on or near you when you are soaking in a bath.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. If your head is buried into your phone while you are crossing the street, hiking, driving, or doing most activities you risk falling and being injured, getting hit by another vehicle, being in a car crash, and many other accidents which will cause you and potentially others harm.
  • Don’t give too much about your life away on social media. This information makes it easy for those who wish to do you harm find ways to be successful. Specific details of when you go to work, or when you will be away from home for vacation, where you work, and the like should be kept off these social channels for your own safety.
  • Be alert to device recalls so that you can promptly obtain a replacement or get a repair that will keep you safe from defects.

Have You Been Injured by Your Electronic Device in Florida?

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