Tips on How to Avoid Workplace Injuries | Orlando Workers Comp Attorney

Tips on How to Avoid Workplace Injuries | Orlando Workers Comp Attorney

Getting hurt on the job is a lose-lose situation for both employee and employer. As an employee it can lower your productiveness and for an employer it could mean going bankrupt if you are found negligent.

Though you cannot supervise every situation in the workplace, there are ways you can limit the possibilities and exposure to workplace injury.

Vehicle Safety

Workplace driving accidents account for $60 billion dollars each year according to OSHA. Here are some things you can do to properly train and ensure the safety of employees on the road.

  • Regular vehicle maintenance and inspections.
  • Individual driver inspection check of vehicle before driving.
  • Allow only employees with impeccable driving records to operate company vehicles.
  • Post and enforce a safe-driving policy for all employees issued a company vehicle.

Extreme Condition Protection

Working environments can range from extremely hot to extremely cold. Working in these conditions consistently can cause injury or illness. Ways to prevent possible injuries include:

  • Proper wearing of outer garments, preferably layering for extreme cold temperatures. Company issued uniforms can be designed to protect employees from the cold elements.
  • On-site heating devices.
  • Split shifts and reduced hours when working in cold temperatures.
  • Employees with pre-existing health conditions are limited or exempt from working in extreme heat.
  • Provide proper hydration while working in extreme heat conditions.
  • Frequent breaks and designated cool-zone areas for employees to rest periodically while working in extreme heat.

Protective Equipment

Distribution and training for employer issued protective equipment should be provided by the company. Training should include personal training as well as an established and posted policy and procedures manual that details proper equipment usage on the job.

Report Problems

Problems or dangerous issues cannot be addressed if they are not reported. Don’t assume your employer knows about a dangerous working condition; if one exists then report it. It could save you or someone else a work related injury or death. It pays to be proactive and should you get injured you have it on record that you reported the likeliness of a hazardous situation.

Fix Problems

If you are an employer, you are obligated to correct any possible unsafe workplace situation. Employee reports and concerns should be addressed right away or within an acceptable timeframe to prevent the possibility of someone getting injured or death.

Choosing to ignore reported hazardous working conditions can lead to you being held liable for the employee’s injury or even face a personal lawsuit for wrongful death.

Contacting a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Orlando, FL

If injured at work contact The Vaughan Law Group. Worker’s compensation claims are not as cut and dry as you may think. You need someone who is experienced in the knowledge of how to advocate for you to help get what you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.