Types of Worker’s Compensation Benefits

Types of Worker’s Compensation Benefits

Orlando, FL – Worker’s compensation is a system that is designed to protect both the employers and the employees. If you get injured while doing your job tasks, you can make a claim and you will be covered in nearly all the cases. No consideration is given to the fact as to whose fault the injury is, and you will be provided with a benefit. However, you cannot file any lawsuit against your employer because the system is supposed to protect them as well. Though you can handle this process by yourself, you should seek professional help and hire a worker’s compensation attorney in Orlando. They will do a better job that you can and ensure that you get the maximum possible benefit.

There are different types of workers’ compensation benefits. You are given coverage for all expenses that arise because of the injury. This includes treatment expenses, rehabilitation charges, disability coverage and other associated cost. Please note that the included benefits vary in every region and if you want particular details about your area, you should talk to your attorney. Here is a quick description of the main ones.

Medical Care

The medical care benefit includes hospital bills, surgical expenses and other costs associated with medication and general treatment. If you are making visits to a doctor, they will also be covered. In some cases, the injury can be a major one, and you may need a medical equipment to help you deal with it. Examples of this include clutches and wheelchairs. Your benefits will also cover this.

There are certain instances when injuries also require pain therapy, acupuncture and counseling for more effective treatment. Discuss this with your chosen worker’s compensation attorney in Orlando, and they will guide you if these are covered in your particular case or not.

Please note that there are situations in which your employer will pick out a suitable health care provider on your behalf.


The rehabilitation benefit covers therapeutic care such as physical therapy so that you can cope with your illness or injury, and recover from it faster. In some cases, you may require relevant training before you can return to work, and this will also be covered.

There are certain instances in which you cannot return to your former job, even if your injury has been treated. Should this be the case, your rehabilitation benefit will pay for all additional costs that arise until you qualify for working in a different position.


If the injuries are very severe, you may not be able to work anymore, and you will be compensated with disability benefits. These are of four main types: temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, permanent total disability and permanent partial disability.

Generally, the disability benefit amounts to two-thirds of your previous wage, and is tax free.

So hire a worker’s compensation attorney in Orlando, and make sure that you get all of the types of benefits to which you are entitled.

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