Vaughan Law Group Explains Why Injured Drivers Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Orlando

Vaughan Law Group Explains Why Injured Drivers Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Orlando

The importance of having an experienced car accident lawyer in Orlando, Florida, cannot be overstated.  The benefits are clear and undeniable.

(Orlando, FL  January 2022) The Vaughan Law Group in Orlando is announcing that the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has published a report entitled “Traffic Crash Facts.” This report reveals that the three-year average of accidents in Orange County is over 31,505 accidents each year.  22,881 of those accidents resulted in injuries each year in that same three-year period. These are indeed sobering statistics.

Suppose an Orlando driver is injured in a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver. In that circumstance, the number one thing that the injured victim can do to protect themselves afterward is to find an experienced car accident attorney.

According to information from the Insurance Research Council, having a dedicated car accident attorney to handle your case will result in a settlement that is typically three and a half times greater than if the motorist handles the negotiations themselves.

There are many ways that a car accident attorney can benefit an injured person.  First, the accident attorney and their team will be experienced in crash scene investigation.  Having another set of experienced eyes looking at the scene may unearth facts that the police or the insurance adjustors originally overlooked.

An injured motorist can retain a personal injury attorney right away. The accident attorney can keep the motorist from making mistakes that might cost the motorist a great deal of money. The insurance adjuster for the person who caused the accident will try to talk to the injured party right away and offer a settlement amount that may be vastly smaller than what should be. It’s important not to talk to the opposing insurance company.

Not only does a well-qualified car accident lawyer investigate the accident, but they also are familiar with the kinds of injuries that occur during certain kinds of accidents.  They know that just because a motorist feels ok now doesn’t necessarily mean they are ok.  Signs of whiplash and concussions may not appear until later. It’s always recommended to get checked out by a physician after being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Probably the most important service a personal injury lawyer will provide to an injured motorist is their expert negotiation skills.  The Orlando car accident attorneys at Vaughan Law Group have over 30 years of experience negotiating with insurance lawyers.

An experienced car accident lawyer in Orlando knows the value of the motorist’s case.  They also know that the insurance company for the other driver will offer the very smallest amount they think they can offer.  After all, insurance companies are in business to profit.

At Vaughan Law Group, their accident attorneys aggressively represent their clients.  They are not afraid to take on any of the major insurance companies to ensure their victim receives proper compensation for their sustained injuries.

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The Vaughan Law Group has over 30 years of experience helping victims in the Orlando area win proper compensation for their injuries. The Orlando car accident attorneys at Vaughan Law Group use investigators, accident reconstruction specialists, economists, physicians, and other forensic experts necessary to prove how your car accident occurred, and how much your case is worth. Contact the car accident lawyers at Vaughan Law Group today for a free consultation.

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