Vaughan Law Group Highlights The Mistakes That Can Harm a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Vaughan Law Group Highlights The Mistakes That Can Harm a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Vaughan Law Group is an Orlando law firm serving clients in Orlando, Florida and surrounding communities. The legal team handles personal injury and workers’ compensation claims to help clients obtain maximum compensation for sustained injuries caused by negligence.

(Orlando, FL May 2022) Vaughan Law Group recently shared the mistakes that often harm workers’ compensation claims. Workers’ compensation protects employers and workers from the financial risks of workplace injuries.

Workers’ compensation covers a portion of lost wages, injury-related medical bills, and disability benefits. However, some mistakes filing for workers’ compensation can counter the success of these claims. It is highly recommended that injured workers hire an Orlando workers’ compensation attorney to ensure they obtain the benefits they deserve.

Failure to act immediately after the incident is one thing that can affect a workers’ compensation claim. The team pointed out that it’s important to document the incident within the shortest time possible. The details should include what the worker was doing before the accident, where it occurred, and what happened right after the accident. It’s also important to obtain information from other individuals who witnessed the accident. An Orlando workers’ compensation lawyer can use these details to build a solid case.

In addition, the team noted that claiming false injuries and symptoms could counter the success of a workers’ comp claim. It is never advised to exaggerate symptoms or injuries to strengthen a workers’ compensation claim. That’s because medical practitioners are expected to perform multiple tests to ascertain the extent of the injuries and if they resulted from the accident.

Furthermore, a compensation claim could be denied if the victim fails to follow the doctor’s treatment plan or order. An Orlando workers’ comp lawyer can help guide clients to follow through with their treatment plans to avoid missing out on vital details of their claims.

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