What a Workers Compensation Attorney in Orlando, FL does for Brain Injury Cases

What a Workers Compensation Attorney in Orlando, FL does for Brain Injury Cases

Orlando, FL – People are prone to get into accidents while working for a living. While most of these cases are not of an alarming nature, some of these accidents might prove to be debilitating for life. In these cases, pursuing for workers compensation becomes a necessity. Hiring a worker’s compensation attorney in Orlando, FL may prove to be more fruitful as compared with pursuing the compensation on your own.

Here are a few important pointers with respect to the subject that will help you make well-informed decisions.

What is Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI?

Brain injury is a result of traumatic incident during which the brain suffers bruising (also known as contusions) or bleeding (commonly known as hemorrhage). The patient may exhibit symptoms like unconsciousness, loss of memory, confusion, irritability, seizures, vision impairments and several others. Usually, the hospitalization and medical charges for this situation are quite high. Moreover, there is a probability that the patient will suffer from a handicap for life. Most patients are known to enter coma if not tended to on time.

This is one reason why suing for workers compensation becomes necessary. Brain injury cases need to go through massive hospitalization and medication costs while also experiencing the loss of wages and severe physical, mental and emotional turmoil. The family is therefore liable to receive workers compensation in Orlando, FL. In certain cases, the guardianship of the patient will be arranged by the workers compensation attorney in order to pursue the case in court.

What Does Workers Compensation For Brain Injury Entails?

For the victims, workers compensation entails two important costs;

  1. The medical costs – including hospitalization charges, treatment, medicine, doctor’s consultation and/or emergency travels (if any).
  2. The loss of income – which would have been earned if the accident had not occurred.

The cost of the workers compensation attorney can also be postponed to the time of settlement. This includes all costs pertaining to the attorney’s hire, travel, and work-related expenses like obtaining expert reviews, subpoenas, medical records, and so on and so forth. Of the settlement, a percentage of the gross amount goes to the attorney. If the lawsuit has been filed, this figure could increase. These shares are usually set by the Florida Bar and are consistent throughout law practices in the region.

The Time Lag

It is impossible to give a definitive estimate of the time that it takes to resolve the case. It largely depends on individual cases and their severity. However, on a rough estimate, it can take about 9 months to settle the case out of court and anywhere between 1 year and 2 year if the case is taken to the courtroom.

Why a Workers Compensation Attorney?

The distressed family is already under a lot of pressure due to the situation. It is therefore common for such victims to underestimate the value of their claim. For instance, people may overlook the long term consequences and settle for the present day costs. It is important to remember that once the case is settled, there is no room to reopen the case even if the victims become bankrupt.

It is therefore advised to use the expertise of a worker’s compensation attorney in this regard that can not only estimate the damage correctly but also can take the case further if required.

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