What are the Different Type of Product Defects?

What are the Different Type of Product Defects?

When you purchase a product you expect that it will be safe and work properly so that you can use it without harm. In most situations, this is the case, and the majority of products you purchase to do what they were meant to do and they don’t cause injuries. Other times, products can be defective and as a result, they injure the public who purchased them. There are differences in the type of defects, as an issue with a product can be a result of poor manufacturing, bad design, and even marketing issues.

Regardless of which of the types of product defect, if you or a loved one sustained injuries from a product you purchased you have the right to sue for compensation. When you work with the Vaughan Law Group, our Florida product defect attorneys will review your case and provide you with your legal options for compensation.

What is the Difference Between Manufacturing, Marketing, and Design Defects?

What are the Different Type of Product DefectsMarketing defects are errors in how a product is sold to the public. This may be by way of inadequate instructions or no mention of potential dangers with the product. For instance, if a product was made that could become hazardous if exposed to water but no warnings existed in any of the packaging or on the product, this is a marketing defect.

A design defect occurs when the plan for how the product’s end result will be is flawed. An example would be a knife with a double-sided blade, one blade on the top of the knife, and the other on the bottom. The outcome of the design was to have the two blades, this was intentional. However, using such a device to slice up food can easily cut one’s hands because of the exposed blade. 

Manufacturing defects are not meant to have happened and are mistakes. With a manufacturing defect, the issue occurs with an error that takes place during the time the product is made. An example would be designing a table that is meant to be stable but during the manufacturing process, the legs are not tightened up properly and secured well to the table. Therefore, when a consumer uses the table if it falls apart on them and hurts them, the problem came from the way the product was assembled.

You can easily determine which type of defect your product has based on if the issue was one that was planned or was a mistake. While a manufacturer may have taken all the precautions necessary to ensure that the products they produce are put together well and are safe, there can still be flaws in the process. The manufacturer is liable for any damages that the products they assemble cause.

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Florida uses strict product liability laws which means that if you are harmed by a product that is unsafe due to a defect, you can sue for compensation to pay for the damages you suffer. Florida’s product liability laws hold manufacturers, sellers, as well as distributors liable for harm that defective products cause consumers. If you have been injured by a defective product in Florida, call the Vaughan Law Group to have your case evaluated at (407) 648-1426 during a free consultation.