What Can You Do If Your Workers Compensation Claim Is Rejected

What Can You Do If Your Workers Compensation Claim Is Rejected

Orlando, FL – As an employee in the Orlando area, you may not have ever faced an injury at work and you may be unaware of your right to workers compensation. However, if you or a fellow worker is injured at their workplace, the first thing to do as soon as they are able is to file workers compensation claim. You are at the risk of having to deal with expenses without salary for the time being, not to mention you will receive medical bills. You would want your claim to be processed as soon as possible, but that might not be the case. What can you do if your claim has been rejected?

Look For the Denial Paper

When your claim is rejected, a report is sent to you, which explains the reason for rejection and the review process details. Often times it is a small error, such as not submitting the complete documents or not filling out the forms properly. In this case, you can always correct the error and re submit your paperwork. If your appeal has been rejected due to another reason you might have to submit an appeal for your rejection, which means that your claim will be reviewed again. It often happens that there is a review error or that your injury is not covered. Sometimes the claim is rejected because an employer might be unwilling to make any payment.

Approach an Orlando Workers Compensation Attorney

Contacting an Orlando workers compensation attorney is the first thing you should typically do when you have experienced a workplace injury. This will ensure that your claim is processed successfully. However, if you haven’t already done that, or if your claim gets rejected, consult a workers compensation attorney in Orlando to seek professional and experienced help regarding your claim. An attorney will know in most cases what went wrong and how to further process with your claim. They will also be well aware of the process and help you understand your rights.

You need to be aware of deadlines for both the appeals and legal proceedings. In the case your employer needs to be sued in order for you to get your benefit, your attorney will know how and when to do it. For example, if you deserve the right to your claim and your employer is showing unwillingness to pay, you might have to sue them. However, keep in mind that by only hiring an attorney you are not suing your employer. The implication and process to sue them are different and your attorney will know if that needs to be done.

End Note

If you know that your claim is valid and that you should be compensated for the injury you experienced at work, then it is worth it to go as far as you can to claim your right and benefit. It is also important for you to hire the best Orlando workers compensation attorney who will make sure everything is done according to procedure and rules and will be able to identify the problem in case your claim is prolonged or rejected.

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