What Compensation Can You Get After a Florida Construction Accident?

What Compensation Can You Get After a Florida Construction Accident?

The construction industry is notorious for its high risk to worker’s safety. There are many injuries that take place every year to construction workers simply doing their job. In some instances, individuals lose their life from the harm they sustained on the job site. No one wants to go to work and only to become a victim and be forced to suffer through painful or debilitating injuries. When your working environment is unreasonably hazardous or there were negligent actions by another party and you were injured as a result, you can be compensated for your damages.

How Do You Obtain Compensation after a Florida Construction Site Accident?

You potentially have two options that may help you obtain the financial support you need and are entitled to. The first option would be to file a Florida workers compensation claim. When an individual in Florida is injured on-the-job, there are many employers who must have workers’ compensation insurance to cover their injured workers. Construction companies are one of the businesses that the state of Florida requires to have such insurance. There are several types of accidents which can take place where workers compensation benefits would be applicable:

  • Electrocution
  • Equipment and heavy machinery failures 
  • Falls
  • Being hit by objects which fall from high up
  • Accidents where an individual has part of their bodies crushed
  • Accidents where there are severe lacerations or amputations

Your benefits through the program will be dependant on the details of your accident experience. If you have a loved one who lost his or her life from the injuries they sustained during their accident, you can also file for benefits on their behalf. Regardless of the severity, there are caps to the amount of financial compensation you can recover. 

Because workers’ compensation is limited, all of your costs associated with your construction site accident may not be fully covered. Therefore meeting with an experienced Florida workers’ compensation benefits attorney at the Vaughan Law Group is key to determining if you can also file a Florida personal injury claim. A Florida personal injury claim will help you better obtain the maximum amount of compensation to help you pay for all of your damages. 

If you have a case that calls for a personal injury claim to be filed, what you will likely find is that your attorney will advise you to file for both forms of compensation. You can file a Florida worker’s compensation claim as well as a Florida personal injury claim. Your lawyer will use all of the details of your accident experience to define what party is liable for your damages and who must pay you when you move forward with your personal injury claim. Managing the legal battles that take place after an Orlando construction site accident can be stressful and complex. Working with a legal professional ensures that your claims are handled properly and the process goes smoothly with the best possible outcome.

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