What Do You Need for a Florida Product Liability Case?

What Do You Need for a Florida Product Liability Case?

If you have been injured by a defective or poorly manufactured product in Florida, you have the right to seek compensation. A Florida product liability attorney can help you by examining your situation and putting together a suit. When a manufacturer provides its product to the public, it is their legal responsibility to ensure that what they are putting out on the market works as it is supposed to and is safe for consumers. 

There are times when a poor design or shoddy manufacturing causes a product to be dangerous to the public. When this happens, it is important that victims who suffered injuries from such deficiencies obtain the monetary aid they need to help them with their damages and pay for their medical care. Other situations where a product liability case is feasible is if a company knows about a defect in its product but doesn’t warn the public. 

Building A Florida Product Liability Negligence Claim

Damage and harm done to consumers are widespread which is why every day there are new product liability negligence claims filed. Automotive defects, hazardous household products, appliances and tools, baby gear, as well as other products are all subject to a claim if these products malfunction and cause harm to you or a loved one. A product that is unreasonably dangerous is enough under Florida law to hold the product maker, distributor, or the product seller liable for the damages. Plaintiff’s who wish to pursue a product liability claim must be able to prove the following:

  1. A plaintiff must prove that the damages such as physical injuries or monetary loss were a direct result of the use of the manufacturer’s product which malfunctioned or failed.
  2. The plaintiff must prove that the product was defective through poor design, poor manufacturing, or that the product was known to be a danger but did not properly warn consumers of the product’s risk.
  3. The product was the cause of the plaintiff’s injuries and without the product, the plaintiff would not have their injuries.
  4. The plaintiff must also prove that they used the product correctly as per how the manufacturer designed it to be used, or that they used it in a reasonable way.

Any product you buy has risks because you don’t know if the manufacturer thoroughly tested the product before they sent it out or if they cut corners constructing the product. Sometimes manufactures will engage in poor standards of practice. If their negligence is what caused a product to injure you or a loved one, the manufacturer is responsible for the medical bills, lost wages, emotional stress, physical pain, and the rehabilitation you need to overcome and heal from your injuries. Product liability claims can be very difficult to litigate because often manufacturers have a high-paid team of attorneys fighting on their behalf so they can avoid paying victims. Your best chance at combatting this legal challenge is with an experienced and successful Orlando defective product injury attorney.

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