What Happens During a Florida Workers’ Comp Appeal?

What Happens During a Florida Workers’ Comp Appeal?

There are specific steps that you have to take if you were injured while you were on the job to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. The state of Florida requires almost all employers to carry Florida workers’ compensation insurance so that if their employees have an accident and are hurt, they will be taken care of in terms of medical expenses, potentially a portion of their compensation paid, as well as vocational training if it is needed.

To ensure that you are taken care of and not treated unfairly after your workplace injury in Florida, call the Vaughan Law Group. The experienced and seasoned Orlando workers compensation lawyers at the Vaughan Law Group know how the system works and how to secure the most amount benefits. If you need help with your Orlando workers’ compensation claim, the Vaughan Law Group is distinctly positioned to provide you with the effective legal counsel necessary to be successful.

How Do Florida Workers’ Compensation Appeals Work?

What Happens During a Florida Workers' Comp AppealBeing denied workers’ compensation benefits in Orlando is stressful and not the ideal outcome that you sought when you first filed. Fortunately, a denial is not the end of your journey towards getting the benefits you need. Workers’ compensation insurance companies are known for trying to come up with complaints about why an injured worker doesn’t qualify for benefits. This is a common practice, which is why having a knowledgeable Florida workers’ compensation attorney supporting you is so valuable. Your attorney will not allow the insurance company to get away with unfair practices. If you didn’t use an attorney when you first filed your claim, getting in touch with one to help you with your appeal is a good idea.

The first thing to do after a denial is to send a Petition for Benefits to the Clerk at the Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims. In your Florida workers’ compensation petition, you will be including extensive information about your workplace injury. The OJCC will reach out to your employer and their insurance provider after they get your claim. If the insurance provider does not respond within a time period of 14 days, then you will have the benefits you were pursuing paid for.

If the insurance company responds, then you will attend a mediation hearing. During this hearing, there will be an attempt to have an agreement made between you and the insurance company. If you can not come to an agreeable arrangement then you will schedule your pretrial hearing and have the opportunity to be seen in court in front of a judge. While you do not necessarily have to go to the pre-trial hearing as your attorney can take care of that for you, you will go to the hearing with the judge and the aftermath of that hearing will determine if you will be granted benefits.

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