When to Go Back to Work After A Florida Injury Accident?

When to Go Back to Work After A Florida Injury Accident?

Victims of injury accidents in Florida have a lot to deal with including recovering as well as potentially going without an income if they are unable to work after their accident. When you are pursuing a Florida personal injury suit against another party, you may include several damages including the cost of your medical treatment as well as lost wages from being unable to go back to work.

The problem that many victims of Florida injury accidents face is that while they are not working they are still going to their doctor’s appointments. These appointments aren’t free, so victims must pay for their medical expenses until they can secure a settlement from their Florida personal injury claim. This is not easy for many people because medical treatment can be very expensive. Specifically, when an injured victim has a family, and even moreso is the breadwinner, losing out on that much-needed source of income can lead to immense stress. That stress may make a victim feel that they must go back to work way too early before they are physically ready.

What Happens if You Go Back to Work Too Early After Your Injury Accident?

When to Go Back to Work After A Florida Injury AccidentThere are many problems with going back to work before you are cleared to safely do so by your doctor. First, you risk your health and wellbeing because doing so can delay your recovery efforts. You may also further progress your injury which can lead to even more pain and discomfort. 

Next, even when you know you are not up to the task of going back to work but you do so anyway, you are giving the insurance company a reason to say that you don’t have serious injuries. This can strengthen their position to offer you a much lower settlement than you deserve. If you cause your injury to worsen because of returning to work, the insurance company is also likely to say that your claim should not include any further compensation for additional medical treatment, again, lowering the value of your claim.

When you work with Vaughan Law Group, our team of Florida personal injury attorneys will represent your best interests and work to secure you as high a settlement amount as possible. We will fight to get you a full settlement so that all the costs you incurred as a result of your accident injuries are covered, including current and future expenses. While you are going through the Florida personal injury claim process, though, it is very important that you listen to your doctor’s orders, that you follow all of their direction, and you do exactly what is prescribed which will not only help you get better but also not give the insurance company any opportunity to say that your injuries are not significant.

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