Where is the Safest Place To Ride Your Bike in Florida?

Where is the Safest Place To Ride Your Bike in Florida?

If you enjoy riding your bike in Florida you certainly are not alone. You are one of the many Floridians that appreciate the beautiful scenery that Florida provides and the warmth that the Sunshine State offers. Because bicycle riding is so popular in Florida, the state is home to some of the highest rates of death for bicyclists when compared to the data reported from states across the nation. The number of Florida bicycle accident deaths has tripled for those that are older than 19 years of age since 1975. In 2017 alone, the state of Florida lost 125 lives in Florida bicycle crashes. That year, Florida had 16% of all the bicycle deaths in the country.

If you were hit and injured in a Florida bicycle accident, call the Vaughan Law Group immediately. Because there is little protection surrounding a bicyclist, when a body is hit by a 4,000-pound car, significant injuries have the potential to occur. After an Orlando bicycle accident, no matter how severe the injuries are, victims deserve to see their full legal justice and obtain the most compensation possible for their accident situation. The Florida personal injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group will put together a strong Florida personal injury claim on your behalf and fight so that you get the highest amount of financial compensation possible.

Top Reasons Why Riding a Bike on the Sidewalk is Not Safe

Where is the Safest Place To Ride Your Bike in FloridaWhen you first think of it, riding one’s bicycle on the sidewalk seems like the safest way to enjoy time outdoors. However, this is not the case. A bicyclist who drives on the sidewalk will face hazards that can negatively impact their health and well-being as well as that of others. The most prominent reason why it is not safe or recommended to ride your bike on the sidewalk is that you will likely have to make multiple entries onto the street so that you can cross over to another sidewalk. These entrances onto the road occur at intersections. 

When you are traveling on the sidewalk you are essentially invisible to those that drive cars. Drivers of cars aren’t typically watching what is happening on the sidewalk, but rather, focusing on the cars around them and any other activity they see on the road. When a car enters an intersection where they don’t see anyone and you suddenly also enter that same intersection from the sidewalk you can catch a driver off-guard and you could get hit. 

Additionally, not every sidewalk is properly and regularly maintained and the unevenness of a sidewalk can be perilous to bicyclists. It can cause the bicycle rider to fall off of their bikes or make them rapidly turn their bikes out of the way to avoid hitting a defect. This, in turn, can throw them into the road where unexpecting cars are traveling by.

Speak to an Orlando Personal Injury Attorney

If you enjoy riding your bike, it may be worthwhile for you to make sure that you always drive on the road. Also, you should ride with your helmet, and while you are doing so, observe the rules of the road to increase your ability to stay safe. If you are harmed in an Orlando bicycle accident, call the Vaughan Law Group to schedule a free consultation. During a free consultation, you can discuss your accident situation and learn more about your legal options for obtaining compensation. Call today at (407) 648-1426.