Who Is Liable For Damages After A Motorcycle Accident In Florida?

Who Is Liable For Damages After A Motorcycle Accident In Florida?

Motorcycle crashes are often catastrophic resulting in serious injuries or death. The Insurance Information Institute (III) reported that in 2016 5,286 people died as a result of motorcycle crashes. The state of Florida has a large portion of our population that are registered motorcyclists so the risks for motorcycle accidents in the state are plentiful. It is vitally important that all motorcycle riders wear all the protective gear available to give them some form of protection in an accident.

Because head injuries are the most common in motorcycle accidents, a helmet is the most important piece of safety gear a rider can wear. There are safety guidelines associated with the best helmets for motorcycle riders. A Snell certified helmet is one of the approved organizations that provide information and resources for motorcyclists on safety helmets. Even wearing your safety gear on every trip and following the rules of the road, you can’t always completely avoid accidents. So who is at fault after a Florida motorcycle accident?

Defining Liability In A Motorcycle Accident In Florida?

Florida is a no-fault state meaning that it is your insurance company that will take on costs associated with medical expenses when there are injuries as well as your personal property damages. These aren’t the only damages that occur after an accident. You can pursue a claim against the party who was liable for your accident for other damages including pain and suffering. 

In 2017, Florida had 9,707 motorcycle crashes according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety And Motor Vehicles. That year 7,725 of them ended in injury while 515 were fatal. If you were a motorcycle rider victimized in a traffic accident in the state of Florida it is critically important to enlist the help of an Orlando personal injury attorney. To obtain the most compensation for your damages, statistics show that those who have an attorney on their side have the best chances for obtaining a fair settlement after their accident. According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when it comes to accidents between motorcycles and cars or trucks, in 80% of the cases the fault was found to be on the part of the car or truck.

Do You Need Legal Representation After You Were Injured In A Motorcycle Accident In Florida?

Who Is Liable For Damages After A Motorcycle Accident In Florida?Motorcycle accidents are notorious for producing serious injuries for the motorcyclist. In these cases, the maximum amount of compensation is important because the intensity of the injuries and the required medical care the victim will need are often extensive. 

The Orlando motorcycle accident injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group are familiar with these types of injuries and understand the challenges victims of motorcycle accidents face. We have represented many victims of motorcycle accidents in Florida, so we know how to build strong claims that end in fair settlements. 

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