Why Chinstraps are so Important When Wearing a Helmet

Why Chinstraps are so Important When Wearing a Helmet

Riding a motorcycle is known to be a risky endeavor. This is why it is so important to wear all the appropriate protective equipment available to reduce the severity of injuries or risk of death in an accident. Specifically, most studies show the incredible importance of wearing a helmet when you are riding a motorcycle or really any other wheeled vehicle. According to one study, those riders who didn’t wear a chinstrap sustained severe injuries at a much higher rate than those riders who did wear one.

Why is Wearing a Chinstrap so Important?

While you should always wear a helmet, every time you ride your motorcycle, the chinstrap makes it much more effective. Chinstraps better secure your helmet, and as a result, those that had their helmet properly fastened had much lower rates of head trauma. In addition to a lessened risk for head damage, a properly attached helmet will also provide protection for the face and spine and other areas more prone to injury in an accident.

Simply putting on a helmet and hitting the road won’t be enough. There are important considerations for choosing the right helmet. 

  • Sizing – Making sure that you have the right size helmet for your head. Avoid buying a helmet online that you have not tried out yourself in person. Trying on a variety of options will help you determine which is the most comfortable as well as what size is best. When you go to a retail shop that sells motorcycle equipment there is a good likelihood that the employees are knowledgeable enough to help you get the right fit.
  • Quality – Seeing and feeling the helmet in person also ensures that you get an understanding of the quality of the equipment. A secondhand helmet could have been damaged in a prior accident. You may be saving some cash on a discounted helmet but you can’t know for sure if it will provide you with the protection you require. You don’t necessarily need to purchase the most costly option, but a new helmet that is durable and well-made is worth it should you be in the unfortunate situation where you get into an accident.
  • Wear it Correctly – Make sure you are wearing your helmet correctly. Again, at a store, the employees can give you a tutorial in-person. You can also read the product’s directions or go online to view videos with helpful information.

Have You Been Injured in a Florida Motorcycle Accident?

Why Chinstraps Are So Important To Wearing A HelmetMotorcycle accidents have a wide range of outcomes but unfortunately for the motorcyclist, these outcomes are often severe to catastrophic. It is important to take all safety advice and use every piece of safety equipment possible when you are riding to keep you as safe as possible on the road. Even the smallest connection with another vehicle can send a motorcycle spinning out of control. A minor brush with another car, maybe all it takes to cause a serious accident.

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