Why Fog is So Dangerous to Florida Drivers

Why Fog is So Dangerous to Florida Drivers

Fog is a natural phenomenon that has the potential to happen at any time but in the state of Florida fog occurs most often during cooler seasons. The cool season in Florida is from January to May. The most potent threat fog poses is how it drastically decreases visibility. If you are sitting at home enjoying a good book or lounging on your veranda sipping a smart cocktail, that reduction in visibility may not be too much of a bother to you. However, if you are driving, fog makes for a very dangerous situation for yourself as well as others on the road.

Individuals who are driving during foggy conditions are at higher risk for an accident. If you were hit and injured in a car accident in Florida, contact the Florida personal injury attorneys at Vaughan Law Group. The Orlando car accident attorneys at Vaughan Law Group can help you with your Florida personal injury claim and advocate on your behalf so that you obtain the best outcome possible.

How Can Fog Make Driving More Dangerous?

Why Fog is So Dangerous to Florida DriversThere are many ways that an accident can happen and most often driver error is behind the great majority of traffic accidents across the country and the same is true for Florida. Fog presents one of the most dangerous environments for drivers. When at all possible, check the road conditions before you head out. If you know ahead of time that fog may be present, delay your trip and don’t drive if you are able to wait until the fog passes.

Should you already be on the road and you hit unexpected fog, and you must continue to drive, be aware that it will be harder for you to see hazards. It will also be difficult to spot other vehicles just as it will be harder for other vehicles to see you. It is important to be extra alert and vigilant to your surroundings when driving in foggy conditions. Additionally, adhere to the following safe fog driving practices:

  • Refrain from driving fast and slow down so that you have more time to react to situations that may occur. Driving slower also allows you to be able to view your surroundings much more clearly. A hazard on the road can come up very quickly when you are driving, and you may not see it until it is almost right in front of you. If you are speeding you will have a much more challenging time diverting your vehicle away from the hazard or coming to a stop to avoid hitting the hazard.
  • Keep your headlights on so that you can project a bright glow indicating your presence on the road. Avoid using your brightest lights.
  • Pull off of the road into a safe location and wait for the fog to clear before getting back on the road.

Should I Speak with a Florida Personal Injury Attorney?

Whether you have been hit and injured by another party on the road during inclement conditions or on the most beautiful day, you have the right to pursue compensation through an Orlando personal injury claim. The Florida automobile accident attorneys at Vaughan Law Group will work with you during a free consultation to discuss your legal options and answer any questions you have.  Call the Orlando serious injury attorneys at Vaughan Law Group today and schedule your free consultation at (407) 648-1426.